Jan. 17th, 2017

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Vetinari: You have two cows. You convince them they will better off with you alive and in control than not.
Sam Vimes: You have two cows. They are probably guilty of something. Loitering, probably.
Young Sam: Where are your cows? Those goes "baah." Those are sheep. They are not your cows.
Moist von Lipwig: You steal two cows. You convince everyone they are made of gold and sell them for a fortune. You get arrested and become Minister of Agriculture.
Tiffany Aching: You have two cows. An elf tries to steal them and you hit it with a frying pan.
Nac Mac Feegle: Someone has two cows. You steal them, then fight them, then fight yourself. You win.
Rincewind: You run away from cows.
Unseen University: You have two cows. One is caught up in a magical accident and is now a chair. The other has become a professor.
Sybil Ramkin: You have many cows. They aren't dragons, so you don't care. You have 37 dragons.
Nanny Ogg: You have a cow and a bull. You enjoy explaining how they will make more cows.
Granny Weatherwax: You wish Gytha would stop explaining how you get cows.
King Verence: You try to create an economic plan for your country based on bovine products; your people are too busy listening to Nanny Ogg.
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Fallout 4 with Hermann in which  he’s spent the last 5 years heavily drugged because his father found out he was gay (which was illegal in the better-off-bombed 50′s hellscape before nuclear armageddon), and basically sleepwalked through his life and married a woman who may have been drugged too or really stupid or actually knew he was drugged and was just evil, had a kid, then the bombs come down and he wakes, up- really wakes up, 210 years later, he’s off the drugs, his wife is shot, someone’s run off with his kid and he’s not really sure if he wants him back and there will probably be a Newt expy at some point but right now he’s so goddam lost that the raiders, ghouls and wtf bottlecaps are currency now? are kinda irrelevant.

But he is so glad he’s here right now. So. Fucking. Glad.

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