Jan. 22nd, 2017

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The United States is not a monarchy, you are not expected to show reverent respect to the POTUS, they are not some inhuman-godlike being. There is not to be an assumption that they have been put there by any sort of divine hand, so stop telling people that they need to respect Donald Trump’s election. Especially when (a) he did not respect Obama’s, (b) he won without the popular vote because of an antiquated system that has no place in today’s United States, © He. Ran. His. Campaign. With. The. Promise. Of. Removing. The. Rights. Marginalised. Individuals. And. Disrespecting. Their. Humanity.

Also, England is a monarchy and we don’t treat the royal family anywhere how they want Americans to treat Trump.
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Fired up. Ready to go. #inDC

Look under “appeasement”, it’s right before “Nazi Germany takes over Poland.”

Nah Nah Nah. This is how it went down.

Chamberlain: Hmm, there is a whole country of Nazis over there, we should punch them in the face. However, we are not in great shape, so we are going to take a few years to work out, get into shape, take some boxing classes, then we can deliver that muthafucker.
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The rain is fading outside, which is a relief since Newt really hadn’t been looking forward to a flood. He blinks exhausted eyes, hands out the steaming plates of meat and fresh bread.

Mako looks dully down at her plates as though she wasn’t sure what to do with it. Raleigh nudges her gently, and she jerks, straightening suddenly.

Hermann hovers nervously, holding Stacker’s eating implements- the spoon and fork on a loop of leather to fit over his useless hands, but Stacker just smiles, and holds up his hands. “Thank you doctor, but I am quite alright.”

Hermann nods uncertainly and oh hell he looks awful. None of them are looking great but Newt just wants to grab Hermann and pull him to bed and sleep for about a month.

He settles with pushing him gently to his seat, and putting his plate in front of him. “Eat.”

Hermann blinks, “I must-”

“Just eat your fucking dinner-” Newt chokes off as a yawn catches him, wrenches his mouth open.

“We need-” Hermann jabs his fork into the meat. “I have to-”

“Thank you, Doctor Gottlieb.” Stacker says softly, he smiles. “Right now, we need you to eat and rest, and tomorrow we can start to heal.” He looks at Mako, who hangs her head, ashamed.

Newt winces, ducks over his own plate. Yeah. There’s like a dozen farms with dead crops because winter came six months early. There’s no way of making that sound good.

Mako raises her head, “I will.” She says firmly, a clear bell across the exhausted dining table. “I will repair this,” she looks down at her hands, flexes them, she sets her jaw. “I will.”

“We will.” Stacker responds, and puts a hand on hers. “All of us.”

Newt tries not so sigh. “Not too early in the morning, at least?”

Hermann scowls, kicks him under the table. “We will be ready whenever you need us, Si-” he chokes off as a massive yawn overtakes him. Newt smirks.

“We will not start before noon.” Stacker continues smoothly. “We will allow the sun time to warm the ground before we do anything.”

Newt tries to smirk at Hermann, but he looks so relieved himself that it falls a bit flat.

It has been a long, long week.
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He said I needed to find new legs, Newt signs. if I don’t give him my tail-

“You will.” Hermann’s voice is dull and flat, without inflection. “Look. I made these.”

He pulls the cloth off the table, and at first Newt thinks these have to be- works of art. Some sort of sculpture in bone and pale steel-

“New legs.” He smiles.

Newt’s mouth opens, closes. Blinks. This- was not how this was supposed to go. I won’t be able to speak. He tries, uncertain.

Hermann pauses. He puts down the tablecloth. This is your choice. He signs finally. If you wish to go home, I can help you.

Newt hesitates, looks down at his legs. They are covered in scales now, his feet starting to stretch to fins. His legs aren’t beginning to root together yet, but that is only a matter of days- hours probably.

And if he does not give Chau his tail then, he’ll take it himself.

Besides, Hermann wouldn’t be able to hear him even if he does speak.

Okay, he signs, we can try. The legs are beautiful, and Hermann’s eyes light up, stroke long, gentle fingers down Newt’s cheek, and bends down to kiss him, very lightly.
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Not sure which so going with dog!Hermann and cat!Newt

Ewt pads along beside Hrrm, looking around eagerly as they walk towards the park. The grass is so long he almost vanishes in it, and Hrrm stops for a moment, nosing around until Ewt pokes his head out of clump of clover and licks his nose with a tiny, rough tongue.

Hrrm sneezes, and Newt lifts his tail and prances away, batting at daisies and rolling in the dandelions. Hrrm huffs, silly cat.

Then Ewt stops, tail dropping to lash eagerly at the grass. Hrrm follows his wide, eager eyes, and spots the young rabbit on the edge of the grass.

Ewt looks at him, almost bouncing with excitement. Hrrm drops down, almost to his belly, and together they skulk forward. The rabbit is nibbling at the grass, Hrrm can smell it clearly, which means it cannot smell them. It has its head down, feeding, as long as they do not make a sound-

They are only a short bound away, the rabbit is still feeding. Ewt extends his claws, scratches the ground. Hrrm bunches the muscles on his haunches, tenses-

“Woof woof woof!”

Hrrm, Ewt, and the rabbit all freeze as Max bounds over to them eagerly. The rabbit sits up, and is gone in a flash of a white tail. Hrrm whirls to snarl at Max for ruining their little hunt- but Ewt yowls in frustration and dives in after the rabbit.

Hrrm forgets Max, he dives in after Ewt- he’s too small to take on even a small rabbit-

He almost runs into Ewt. The rabbit is gone, and Ewt is sitting very still. Hrrm manages to stop in times, looks down at his small friend. Ewt does not look at him, his eyes are fixed ahead.

On the pond.


Hrrm sits, then flumps down on the ground. He leans down and licks Ewt. Ewt shivers, and turns to bury his nose in Hrrm’s fur. The smell of the foul, stagnant pond fills his nose and Hrrm huffs, trying to clear it.

He nudges Ewt, they shouldn’t stay here, he can smell the death here. Can taste it between his teeth. But Ewt doesn’t move, he’s starting to shiver.

Hrrm opens his mouth, and gently catches the nape of Ewt’s neck, he picks him up and Ewt mewls, shivering as Hrrm carries him back, out of this horrible place and back into the grass.

He lies down, puts Ewt on his paws and licks him. Ewt curls up into a tiny ball, whimpering softly to himself. Behind them, Hrrm hears Max bark and splash into the horrible pond. He growls, nudges Ewt. They are leaving now. They are now walking home with a dog that reeks of death.

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