Mar. 31st, 2017

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My favorite library in the entire world, old and new entrances.

This is how you know you play too many video games.

”Yeah, I know that place? Bit of a Super Mutant problem there.”
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Simultaneously the worst and best movie ever made

Actually one of my teachers watched every single version of Romeo and Juliet with the original text in front of him to prove that this was the worst version, but to his great dismay its the most accurate film adaptation of it, with the lines closest to the original text and most similar stage direction and relayed emotions.

He proceeded to show it to us in class.

Dude, seriously.  This version is actually very accurate.

My Shakespeare professor in grad school said the same thing.

I think most Shakespeare movies are just so classy and highbrow with their gorgeous period costumes and mandatory snooty elocutionary accents that people forget how goofy this play actually is. The lines, the characters, the motivations, the babyfaced teen stars, I just… oh my god it’s all so real. I’ve heard a lot of people blast Baz Luhrmann for making such a campy adaptation and it’s just like no, you don’t understand, that was all Shakespeare.

Sometimes I wonder if the real reason it’s disliked is because it was so damn popular with teenage girls.

You mean… Like the actual play?


Awww. They missed out the bit where the old lady brains them with her handbag :(
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Fifteen minutes later a waiter just comes out like “Uh, who ordered the middle-aged man shrieking ecstatically in German while being pounded in the ass by an enormous Russian?”

And you just have to put your hand up like, “I guess that was me. I, apparently, ordered that.”

(Meanwhile, the cook’s in the back throwing another plate on the counter like “A Red Oni trashcan and a Blue Oni trashcan in a hopeless Foe-Yay spiral, pick it up!”)

This post got recommended on my dash, and I was going to reblog it anyway because the title is such a well-made point about joining a fandom, but then I read the rest and realised that I KNOW THIS MENU. I HAD THE DAMN BUFFET EVERY DAY FOR FIVE YEARS.

They make the best shrieking German I’ve ever had.

My long-standing analogy for why I don’t do fic exchange fests is because my writing brain is like a restaurant called Eats. You know the kind – the sign is half broken, and there’s no real menu. You get whatever I serve that day.

Today’s dish is unrequited love with a side of unreliable narrator. Dessert is store-bought trash of the thing.

Reblogging my own damn post because two people added amazing stuff to it. :D

God only know what you guys must be thinking of stuff here. It’s like this Chinese place you’ve always gone to that does decent Chinese, and now suddenly it’s turned into this weird Mexican joint.

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