Apr. 14th, 2017

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Nate definitely likes being outdoors. Indoors is okay, but he likes to see the sky. It’s a bit ironic since Nate’s main problem in combat is he focuses on just one enemy and doesn’t notice the guy coming up behind him, so fighting outside is much more dangerous for him. Nick sometimes wonders how Nate made it a full day on his own in the Commonwealth. Nate points out he spent less than six hours max, on his own before he met Dogmeat. Figures.
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Remember what I said about being so focused on one thing he forgets everything else? Yeah. Really, really bad for mines. Nate has some rather rough scarring on his shins from where he set way too many of the things off, before he worked out how to disarm them and, a little later, how to move lightly enough not to set them off.

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