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So, I’m playing Fallout 4 with a load of mods. Including the Nick Valentine Romance mod because what else do you even need? I just finish his quest and hence there’s the final chat between him and my OC Nate, all loving good stuff, we hook up, it’s great.

So we go back to Sanctuary for *ahem* good times since I have the whole sex and intimacy mod installed too, go to bed and what the hell pops up at that moment?

“Abernathy farm is under attack!”

I’m just imagining Preston rushing in shouting that when Nate and Nick are just taking their clothes off and is just 0_o and Nate is just GODAMNIT because he’s been dreaming about this for fucking weeks. And Nick is probably laughing his head off, the synth git.

Godamn cockblocking Super Mutants.

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