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The Fool: What is the stupidest thing your muse has ever done?
The Empress: What would your muse name their children?
Judgement: Would your muse ever go back to their most recent ex-lover?
The World: What has been your muse's greatest success?
The Sun: What was the happiest moment of your muse's life?
Wheel of Fortune: Does your muse believe in luck?
The Hierophant: What is one rule or law your muse would never break?
Strength: Name a time when your muse had to be strong in the face of danger or trouble.
The Star: If your muse had one wish, what would it be?
The Magician: What would your muse draw if given paper and markers?
The Emperor: Name a time your muse has broken the rules.
Death: If your muse had to change something about themselves, what would they change?
The Chariot: If your muse ruled the world, what would they change first?
The High Priestess: What is the smartest thing your muse has ever done?
Temperance: Would your muse remain calm despite the worst circumstances?
The Lovers: At what age did your muse first fall in love?
The Hermit: If your muse were trapped alone on an island, name three things they'd have to have..
The Moon: Has your muse ever had something unexplained happen to them? If so, what?
Justice: What's something your muse has been dying to admit or confess?
The Hanged Man: Name a bad habit your muse can't give up.
The Devil: What was the worst relationship your muse has ever had?
The Tower: What event would trigger your muse's breaking point?

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