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2017-08-17 08:39 am

111-shades-of-true-blue: Okay, I’ve decided: At


Okay, I’ve decided: At some point in my life, I’m absolutely going to play a DnD-style game. Maybe it’ll be the classic pen-and-paper kind. Maybe it’ll be an RP server on Minecraft. Maybe it’ll be a really in-depth RP on here, with stats and items and everything else typed out. 

…Do people do it over Discord? I don’t know. Whatever, the point is, I’m gonna do something. Between listening to TAZ, let’s-plays of King’s Quest and Space Quest, playing Ocarina of Time, RPing on here, I’m itching to do more nerd shit. I’ve been on the fringes of it for a long time, and I’m jumping back in.

We could run it over skype? I’ve done some DMing before, it could be fun.
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2017-08-17 07:59 am

bigwinged: visibilityofcolor: visibilityofcolor: visibilityofcolor: I hate it when people are so...





I hate it when people are so against teaching young white kids to recognize their racism. Like people will literally say shit like “oh they’re too young to be taught about racism, that’s harmful!” but like children of color are never too young to face racism from white people who were never taught to recognize their racism as children. Start teaching white kids (boys AND girls) to recognize their racism; the problem starts when they’re young.

Sr because the butthurt white people took over this post again.

Re blogging in light of this Charlottesville shit. Please teach your white kids to recognize racism so they don’t think this shit is okay or patriotism.

Having been a white kid: white kids learn from cartoons that they should let all the kids play in their treehouse even if they’re Different. That’s about where it stops, and that’s why white people grow up thinking that they aren’t racist if they have black friends. They have no clue about subconscious prejudice, or institutionalized systems that oppress some people more than others.

I wanted to share my own experience, as a white person with a very liberal upbringing. I went to a very inclusive, multicultural school. Our year books photos looked like Beneton ads, we celebrated fesitvals from every major religion, etc. I was raised that racism is BAD, only BAD people are racists.

So you can imagine what it felt like the first time I was walking down the road and felt a flash of unreasonable fear at passing a group of black guys. I was horrified! I was racist! Somehow, at some point, I had become a racist! It was like someone had just tattooed a swastika on my face and handed me my klan robes and hood. I had no idea how it could have happened.

The only option I could think of at the time was that as long as I never actually said anything racist or acted racist, no one would know. But it was a pretty scary experience and I wish someone could have told me what had happened- that I had internalised a lot of societal racism from my media, and that it was something I had to watch out for.

So yeah, not only do we need to tell kids about this to make it clear it’s not normal, but also because some kids WILL realise they’re racist, but think they’re latent Nazis because of it and feel too ashamed to actually talk to anyone about it.
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2017-08-16 12:49 pm

bigwinged: ribbonflies: @lesbianchell x6 with cats.




x6 with cats. lotsa cats

please you don’t understand how much he means to me


Someone stole his coat but otherwise yeah, this is going to happen in my fic.
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2017-08-16 08:54 am

geekgirlsmash: Okay, so I’ve been talking about


Okay, so I’ve been talking about ways to disrupt Nazi/KKK rallies. And since I’m chaotic good, and my dear chaotic good friend, @nudityandnerdery has already suggested taking vuvuzelas to disrupt them.

One Word


Now, you’re probably thinking, we’re fighting fascism, not doing arts and crafts, but bear with me. 

Throwing glitter at these fucks will make them look absolutely ridiculous, and one of the best ways to fight groups like these is to make them into a joke. No one is going to take people screaming “blood and soil” while covered in glitter seriously, it’d be hilarious. 

Glitter gets fucking everywhere and is almost impossible to remove completely. They’ll be marked. “Counter protesters throw glitter at white supremacists at rally.” People will know where they’ve been. Then they’ll have to go to work, still sparkling, and explain. 

Glitter is cheap, you can get enough glitter to cause absolute mayhem for under $15. 8oz of glitter goes a long way, and is like $5 at Micheal’s.

I teach small children and the DREAD when we see glitter on a craft list. That stuff is Satan,  glittery, shiny, nazi hating Satan. 
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2017-08-16 08:49 am

headcanonsforcompanions: While Africa was hit by many nukes in some places (especially in North...


While Africa was hit by many nukes in some places (especially in North Africa), it got off comparatively nuke free. Things still went badly in the immediate aftermath, especially near the heavy-nuke zones, but as a whole, central Africa is probably the most populous and wealthiest region in the Fallout-verse, and they have a lot of tech (running on Fallout-logic, of course) that is very reminiscent of steampunk in aesthetic, though they also have a fair share of pre-war tech and pre-war design plans at the core.

All of this and also intelligent two headed elephants. Because.
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2017-08-16 08:39 am

pervocracy: Me in history class: Wow, humanity has been


Me in history class: Wow, humanity has been through some fascinating times!  I wonder if I’ll ever live through major historical events!


Apparently if I was in the decade preceding WW2, I would be living ten thousand miles away and be unable to have any effect one way or another apart from small anti nazi donations.

I mean it could be worse, but media kept telling me I’d have a chance to shoot Hitler.
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2017-08-13 04:37 pm

There’s a new Ducktales?

Does it still have the theme song?


That one.

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2017-08-13 09:32 am

starsandastronauts: wonder-girl: americaw: narwhal-noir: orevet: ardatli: dispatchrabbi: ret...





















Remember the times where nazism wasn’t an urgent current issue. Like, a few months ago

am Jewish, can’t relate

am Jewish, can’t relate

am Jewish, can’t relate

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am Jewish, can’t relate

am Jewish, can’t relate

am Jewish, can’t relate

Holocaust historian, can’t relate.
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2017-08-12 11:32 am

deadcatwithaflamethrower: meabhair: aniseandspearmint: aniseandspearmint: so the us might get...





so the us might get nuked by korea any day now, food prices are skyrocketing, everything’s prices are skyrocketing

and i just got told by the landladies that there is a very real chance both they and i (their renter) have a high chance of being eminent domained off the property we all live on

it’s like life looked at me and said ‘you clearly don’t have enough reasons to be terrified right now, lemme fix that’

i have no idea what i’m going to do if it happens

i have no paying job, i take care of my elderly mother full time so she doesn’t have to go to a shitty nursing home that’ll kill her in two days by not following her strict diet or mixing up her meds (experience talking here nursing homes are dickensian bullshit in my state unless you can afford a private one and even those aren’t that great)

we pay way less than one would normally pay for rent bc i do other things for the landladies like watch their dog and stuff there’s no way we can afford to live anywhere else in this shitty fucking state

we have no family to turn to anymore no friends that have any way to help 

we don’t even have a damn car to live in anymore

i just wanna scream and never fucking stop right now

UPDATE: So Landlady Two just talked to me, apparently the gas company that wants to put a line through the land around here just contacted their bank and tried to inquire about the loan they have on the house. Which, is kinda more than a little illegal, I think? The inquiry part anyway.

The bank refused, since their loan is not the kind that a third part can purchase (thank god), but it looks like they are def going to try and take the property.

They don’t plan on going quietly. This land has been in Landlady One’s family for nearly a hundred years. This is their home. They say they might, might have considered selling if they were to be paid what the property is actually worth plus an amount paid to their renters for relocation (yes, that would be me and my mother, bless them for the thought) but this company does not plan to offer them anywhere near what the property is worth.

SO I need some help. Can I please get this signal boosted to hell and back?

I need information on what a person can do to fight being eminent domained out of house and home. I need to know who they, and I, can contact to at least give these bastards a fight.

Every possible angle, anything anyone can think of. Actual legal advice strongly welcomed. I cannot afford a lawyer, but they know some good ones already.

I just really really don’t want to be out on the street with my wheelchair bound mother and my dogs in three months.

@thebibliosphere @deadcatwithaflamethrower would you mind signal boosting this, I’ve no idea what recourse someone in this circumstance has, maybe one of your followers would?

Signal-boosting the actual fuck out of this.

Everyone? TO THE TUMBLR and spread the word, please.

I have no idea what help I might be but any of you followers on this one?
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2017-08-12 11:32 am

scifiseries: Looking at the city lights LOL I saw that and...


Looking at the city lights

LOL I saw that and though that was the light show on hong kong island.
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2017-08-11 12:12 pm

archiemcphee: Today the Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena...


Today the Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena is marveling at this tree in Hong Kong whose vast roots have grown along the tiny gaps in the paving stones that surround it, recreating their pattern.

Photo by Clément Bucco-Lechat. Click here to view it full-size.

[via Twisted Sifter]

I see this everywhere lol. Basically all the trees to this. Also this tree:
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2017-08-10 03:42 pm

thescorpioracer: I’m caught between


I’m caught between “when the f will I use this??” and “accurate”

I’m learning Vietnamese on this thing and it’s just asked me to translate “I think my cat has nuclear weapons.” Duolingo is fucking sick.
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2017-08-10 03:32 pm

headcanonsforcompanions: Nick’s de-gloved hand


Nick’s de-gloved hand requires careful attention, to keep from being overwhelmed by it’s sensations. It’s more receptive to hot and cold, and blunt impact reverberates up his arm. (In smaller doses, like tapping his fingers on metal, this is helpful, calming and focusing his thoughts.) A sure sign that he’s anxious is tucking his arm against his side, instinctively turning it away from you. Don’t pester him with questions about his worries, or say to “stop acting so defensive” when he does this.

This is my headcanon
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2017-08-10 03:32 pm

Name: MorganeNicknames: None, unless you count Skull Bearer. The only nickname I know for Morgane...

Name: Morgane
Nicknames: None, unless you count Skull Bearer. The only nickname I know for Morgane is morg, and that’s hardly complimentary.
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 175cm (fuck off I’m french)
Nationality: French
Favorite Fruit: Lychees, Mangosteens and watermelon. Yay the tropics.
Favorite Season: UK autumn.
Favorite Book: Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Hands down, no contest, everyone else go home. That book is the best book ever written in terms of pure language.
Favorite Flower: Oriental lilies. So many memories connected to those smells (my first foray into D&D and computer games)
Favorite Color: Deep blue
Favorite Animal: Spotted hyena. They rock. I hate the Lion King (bloody fascist subtext)
Dog or Cat person: Cat, but I love them both. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to care for a dog so cat it is.
Favorite Fictional Character: Crumbs, that’s a hard one. Nate is great, but I also love Rudy and Kai from my fuck-you-HP-Lovecraft series, X6, Tony Stark and- I could keep going. I still love Raistlin and Dalamar and can’t bear to list that fic as abandoned after all these years, Erik Lehnsherr is my love, I heart Tom Riddle, and frankly I could go back to Skeksil the Chamberlain from when I was five fucking years old. I don’t grow out of these guys.

Blog Created: January 2013. But it’s just been my latest hole. I’ve been in fandom since 2002.

Number of Followers: 562
Random Fact: I’m going to live in Vietnam in a month and as a result my father will only communicate with me in Vietnam war movie quotes. I hate Vietnam war movies because the erase the Vietnamese. I may have to communicate to him entirely in Vietnamese in response.
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2017-08-09 03:48 pm

A bit from my Courser fic

The Coursers have found a cat. They thought it was sick but turns out it was just pregnant.

Little cats. X6’s thoughts are flat, disbelieving. They had one cat. The Last Cat. X6 had fully expected that by tomorrow they would have no cats. Now they have thirteen cats. X6 is not sure what to do with such an embarrassment of riches.
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2017-08-08 03:38 pm

thats-what-sidhe-said: witchedybitchedy:







This is the greatest progression of events I have ever read, where’s my historical gay romance novel about this


Local King Cannot Stop Promoting His Boyfriend

where’s the lush period drama about this series of events?

fun thing about king James, this guy was fairly public about his bf (more public than what was acceptable). He threw lots of extravagant parties with his man on his arm. It pissed off the church obviously so to get them off his back, he’s the one that ordered the third translation of the Bible from Hebrew to English (the King James Version aka the Authorized Version) so the Bible every hot blooded all American Christian reads today was literally just written so a very gay king could fuck his boyfriend in peace.

And the King James Bible was translated with the most homophobic interpretations possible as a way of getting back at the King. It is not the only Bible that American Christians read (for one, it’s a Protestant Bible, so Catholics don’t use it, for two, it’s not a very good translation) but it is the Bible used by evangelical Christians in the U.S., in some cases the ONLY Bible permitted for a congregation.

So if you see someone shouting Bible verses at you or waving signs at you, remember they are the spiritual descendants of King James’s enemies. Tell them to go fuck themselves and go make your boyfriend a Duke.

I’m working on an alternate history where James the first went all ‘fuck it’ and demanded Villiers be recognised as a royal consort. 

This being an AH where this sort of thing was a bit more acceptable, there was still a huge uproar and the Church of England wasn’t sure where to come down on this because a) being gay still wasn’t considered all that great but b) they were still a little too close to a king getting pissed off at a church for not recognising his lover and burning their shit down.

Thankfully the Catholic church steps in at this point and goes down heavily against the King’s proclivities. The Church of England is hugely relieved because homosexuality might be an iffy subject but everyone hates the Catholics, and sides with the king.

Basically if you read my progressive victorian au, this is part of the backstory.
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2017-08-07 02:33 am

10 Facts About My Characters


🌟 Drop one of my characters’ names in my inbox and I’ll tell you 10 facts about them 🌟