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The Most Pedantic Bird I’ve Ever Seen

This looks like one for @copperbadge

I like how his admirers are crowded nearby…but not too nearby….

The new Hogwarts’ professor.
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via Awake To Begin Their Ramadan Fast Were 'A Lifeline' In Grenfell Tower Blaze:


clickbaitmullah: Muslims who were awake because they were beginning their Ramadan fast “saved people’s lives” when a deadly blaze broke out at a west London tower block, HuffPost UK has been told.

At least 50 people have been taken to five hospitals for treatment as hundreds of residents in the 27-storey, 120 flat, Grenfell Tower in north Kensington have been evacuated from their flats in the building that caught fire just after 1.15am.

A local woman told HuffPost UK: “Muslim boys saved people’s lives. They ran around knocking on people’s doors. Thank God for Ramadan”

Khalid Suleman Ahmed, 20, recently moved to Grenfell Tower with his auntie and lives on the eighth floor.

He said he would not normally have been up in the middle of the night but had stayed up during Ramadan for Suhur, the meal before Muslims begin fasting again during daylight hours.

However, upon realising there was a fire he immediately began banging on his neighbours’ doors to wake them.

He told HuffPost UK: “No fire alarms went off and there were no warning. I was playing PlayStation waiting to eat suhuur (beginning of fast meal) then smelt smoke. I got up and looked out of my window and saw the seventh floor smoking.

“I woke my auntie up, then got clothes on and started knocking on neighbours’ doors. Every house opened except two - I saw the other guy later on so only 1 family unaccounted for. My next door neighbour was fast asleep.

“The whole corridor went black with thick smoke. I didn’t think it was serious at all me and my auntie thought it was an isolated incident but we’d just evacuate just to be safe. When we went out and were taken by the firemen to a safer place then we saw that it still hadn’t reached our house - 20 minutes or so later our house was gone. The firefighters were very quick. They immediately started work.

“People were calm walking out but when they realised loved ones were missing or unaccounted then they started to panic. Once we were outside it started to spread more.

He added: “I would be up this late on a Friday night possibly but never a random midweek night unless it was Ramadan. There are a lot of Muslims living there and people choose up to stay up and wait so it was certainly a factor for me and others. It probably did save lives.”

A witness also told Sky News that Muslims who were awake had been a “lifeline”.

i can’t imagine how many lives he saved, how many families are intact and together, because of his actions.

And the Muslim community’s generosity has been unparalleled. The Al-Manaar Mosque (244 Acklam Road , London W10 5YG) is accepting donations, which it’s distributing directly to families evacuated from the building: clothes, toiletries, etc, as well as cooking free meals people evacuated from Grenfell. If you do have clothes, food, or any basic amenities you can spare, you can drop it off there, or:

Rugby Portobello Trust, 221 Walmer Road, W11 4EY

St. Clement’s Church, 95 Sirdar Road, W11 4EQ

Tabernacle Christian Centre, 210 Latimer Road, W10 6QY

Apparently some neo nazi group tried to protest outside the mosque and were chased off by angry locals.
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I’m going to miss all my kids demanding to be princesses so they can fight the dragon. ’Cause princesses have magic powers see? Much better than being boring old knights.

(thank you Disney for Frozen, thank you so, so much)

Alas, next time we will being doing the enchanted forest, and I will introduce them to the joys of being fairies with wings and magic, and they will team up with the good witch to save the unicorn from the giant.
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I- I’m not sure. I would say it was destroying the Institute but I don’t feel… pride for that? It’s just too big, too- overwhelming. Besides, it wasn’t really something I did, it was me and Desdemona and Z1-14 and that’s only the beginning, hundreds of people and synths had a hand and my role might have been important but- so was theirs? If it wasn’t for them I’d be back to my old plan of tossing a bunch of radioactive isotopes into the fresh water supply. Which would have been a disaster, now I think about it. 

It was something I was part of, it was incredibly important and I’ll never feel sorry I did it, but so was building Sanctuary’s waste pipes, and that was at least less disgusting. I don’t feel proud of what I did, I mostly feel sick about what I saw, and what I was part of, even unwillingly.

I think- I know it’s self centered, and doesn’t really have much on an impact in the world in general, but- I think the thing I’m most proud of is managing to eat again. I mean, it’s not much, I can manage an egg and a mutifruit most days, but it’s the first major victory I’ve had over the mess in my head. It’s going to be a long road, but at least there is a road, and I’ve managed a first step.
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*stands on chair*


*kicks over lamp*


*punches wall*


Green Day wrote this song during W’s administration. There are references in the song to toxic masculinity (non-Republican men were called f******s), media black-outs, “free speech zones”, hating the French (really really hating the French - “freedom fries” anyone?), and the glorification of ignorance.  I’m not saying W is the same as Trump, but I am saying this may be a good time to pop in this album and other mid-2000s protest music because it will probably speak deeply to you. 

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-Absolutely terrified of heights
-Also hates flying
-And water, dude despises being wet
-Finds either babies or nurseries disturbing
-Has great pride in his work
-Probably has tried painting before, or he has creatively desecrated bodies. Considering his work is ‘hunt and return quickly’, it’s probably the painting.
-Gets super giddy over power armour. Just listen to all of his lines they’re so cute.
-Likes it when you stand up for synths over humans.
-Seems to hold a decent amount of respect for Danse, strangely enough.
-Also prefers you standing up for Danse over completing what should be his work as a courser
-Constantly gushes over you at the institute to the point that every courser and Justin Ayo knows his opinion on you.
-Very dry, sarcastic sense of humour
-Tries his darnedest to show his sympathy to you when you show him your spouse

Things that are very definitely untrue, non-canon and 147937995% false about X6-88 that needs to die:
-Emotionless; he shows pride and excitement and fear in many repeating lines. He is also completely in awe of Sole by the final affinity talk
-Follows his ‘programming’ unquestioningly; he defies the institute by trying to befriend Danse and not betraying Sole and friends. His preference of you helping synths over humans (I.e. The synth art random event) is also against the 'synths are tools’ programming

Honestly I wish X6 was in FNV so he was safe from the ridiculousness of the Fallout 4 fandom.

I am writing a fic with him as as pov character and all of this is true.
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Someone: Yeah I can’t wait to see Black Panther but what about Bucky???

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🦇- If your muse had wings, would they be feathered and bird-like, leathery bat-like wings, or insect-like fairy or butterfly wings?
🙊- How good are they at keeping secrets?
🎖- Is your muse the “forgive and forget” type or do they hold grudges?
⚖️- If your muse had superpowers, what would they be?
📐- Did your muse get an education? What was their best subject in their studies?
🖋- If your muse was an author/poet, what kind of stories would they write about?
📕- What “Banned Books” could you see your muse reading?
🔖- When they shop, does the price or product matter more?
🐶- If your muse was forced to get a pet, what would they get?
✌️-How often did they get into trouble as a kid?
⭐️- What’s their favorite constellation in the night sky?
🍼- Would your muse raise an abandoned orphan they found or opt to relocate them to an orphanage instead?
🏄‍♀️- What kind of leisurely sports do they partake in on their downtime?
💐- What are their favorite flowers?
👑- How would your muse react if they suddenly found out that they were the long-lost heir to a rich kingdom?
👒- If your muse were to take someone on a first date, where would they go and how would they behave?
💥- if Your muse wakes up with complete amnesia, how would they react? How scared would they be? What caused it?
🍳- What does your muse’s typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner look like after their larder has been fully replenished?
🎣- Would your muse go fishing for any reason? Would they catch-and-eat or catch-and-release?
🎼- What part in a choir would your muse sing? Soprano (½), Bass, Tenor, or Alto?
🎬- Pick three movies you could see your muse watching (and enjoying)
🎨- Find two famous pieces of artwork you think your muse would enjoy.
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@sillyandquiteawkward​ got me thinking about this.

Short version: Begrudging tolerance.

Long version: He’d go after Pick if it weren’t for Diamond City’s approval of him, to the point where if he were dragged into a cell, they might let him out again. 

Yes, he’s a deterrent to crime, but he does it by traumatizing people who are likely pretty fucked up as it is. Nick, at least, recognizes the situations driving people into that life, while Pickman seems to not give a shit. Obviously, this doesn’t give them a free pass for their crimes, but it’s something to keep in mind when dealing with them. If they’re convinced that they had no choice, something that Nick can’t prove at first glance, tormenting them with crap like that is unnecessarily cruel. It further alienates them from society and kills any chance that they could find a new path, slim though it may be.

And, well… Nick can hope, can’t he? …Besides, looking at his “public work”, the bodies he leaves scattered about the Wastes, the average person wouldn’t distinguish it from a Raider’s kill until his legacy began circulating. Even then, it’s easy to mix up. They’d mistake him for the very thing he hates, and raise more fear in settlements already drowning in it.

He wouldn’t brush this off, because his namesake would not, could not treat trauma as just “no big deal.” To him, it’s personal in a quite literal sense. Bottom line, if Pick’s gonna kill raiders, fine, but don’t fuck with their heads. Don’t play bloody mind games, especially if others get sucked into them.

It goes without saying that if Pick shifted from Raider to bystander, all bets are off. I doubt Nick’s anywhere near thrilled about the fact that they share a heart motif, although this was unintentional on Pick’s part. 

He’d relent and choose something else, partially because Nick used it first- It is his surname, after all- And partially because he fears what Nick will do if someone mistakes him for Pick on account of the symbol. Probably wouldn’t happen, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. This hostility is one-sided, as he admires the detective’s work, if a bit irritated that Nick doesn’t understand his artistic vision- 

Oh, yeah, just remembered all the eyes in his paintings are yellow, like synth eyes. Reeeeal comforting sign, that. /sarcasm.

Anyway, he attempts to curry favor by dropping off supplies at the statue just outside Diamond City. While Nick accepts the gift, he makes it crystal clear he still loathes Pick, only passing it on to the residents out of necessity. If he were to find evidence of a big raid planned out and warn the settlement beforehand, so they could repel an assault that would’ve otherwise crushed them… Then Nick would let on him a bit. Maybe.

Didn’t Pickman also kill some Goodneighbour people Hancock sent to do recon? I think Nick would stop him for that, since he’s proven he will happily kill anyone whether or not they pose a threat.
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Part deux of my Exposed Fallout project. Nick is the friggin’ tops.

Oh wow he’s gorgeous
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Another chapter of the Adventures of Nate and Nick.

Today, they find a kink shop.


(remove dashes in the address)
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sine mora is a game about cute animals in little planes shooting bullets at the bad guys, while slowing down time

ya dig,,


I’m rich, bitch. Too wealthy to die. And kill a whole lot of people for a vain asshole.

Long Live the Queen is a game about a cute magical girl princess who needs to go to school and learn to be a good ruler

Fallen London takes place in an underground steampunk Victorian London where the player character can be non-binary, same-sex marriage (player character/player character and player character/NPC) exists, and most of the NPCs are canonically bisexual. 

Also, the cats talk. So do some of the flowers.

Fallout 4 is about how an evil dystopia was destroyed and people went back to living on the land, and you have to stop a cabal of scientists from bringing the old world back.
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This is just your aggressively friendly reminder that “cishet aces” and “cishet aros” don’t exist.

“Cishet” was a word coined by trans people meant to describe someone who has full, unconditional access to straight privilege - that is, someone who is 100% perisex, cisgender, heterosexual, and heteroromantic. 

If you use cishet to refer to a-specs, you are using it wrong.

If you’re cis and you’re using it, you are stealing our language on top of using it wrong.

The more I see cishet used on tumblr (I’m NOTtalking about how it was coined otiginally) the more similar it seems to the anti-black term oreo. It’s a way to shut up people you don’t want to listen to.
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Now to edit and reread a bunch of time until I’m happier with it.

In which Nate falls through a floor, Nick doesn’t know anything about kink, and despite all this, there is sex.
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I am having so much fun with my 3-5 year olds it isn’t even funny.

So we were given the biggest load of patriarchal crap for our topic this month. Fairy tales is all well and good but when the pictures are just straight up ‘princess screams and needs to be rescued, knight fights dragon’, you know it isn’t going to wash with the Frozen generation.

(Thank you Disney for Queen Elsa. Thank you so much.)

So I’ve been giving my kids a choice. They can fight the dragon (Great Wyrm Red, aka me) as a knight with a sword (lv 20 paladin with sword of dragon slaying) or as a princess (wizard level 20 with ice meteor swarm). 

I’m getting a very satisfyingly gender mixed group choosing to be princesses so they can blast me with loud whooshing sounds. The dragon is doing a lot of screaming to help drill that vocabulary word.
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Nobody understands the essence of what makes something badass like a fifteen-year-old. It’s the purest form of badass understanding. Have you ever seen a fifteen-year-old designing a character? They’re fuckin badass as hell. Fearlessly badass. Unfalteringly. They know what they want and they go for it. Millions of spikes. Leather trenchcoats. Tinted shades. Boss.

@otatma said:

So why do people find their OCs from age fifteen so humiliating to contemplate then?  :/

The depressing truth is that people find their OCs from age fifteen humiliating because we’re trained to do so. We’re constantly bombarded with the idea that creating characters freely and without limits is somehow innately cringey and, in a lot of cases, people get mocked for it if not outright harassed or insulted. I look at my OCs from when I was fifteen and yeah, their designs are a little goofy, but holy shit! I was so much more creative in some ways, and willing to take risks in character design that I’m still trying to re-learn how to do now!

Take me back to the days where I could draw robot catgirls with wings and a million swords because you know what? Fuck the very notion of “cringiness”. I’m here to have fun and me and my badass reploid OCs are gonna do just that.

Blizzard sold jillions of copies of games whose every character design is all about hitting that “cringy” limit.

Actually? This is excellent advice.

Fuck cringy.

Design your characters like they’re gonna be getting alternate skins in Heroes of the Storm.

I refuse to be ashamed of my tyrannical half dragon space pirate queen Kuthgar the merciless. She was fucking awesome.
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Nate and Nick would watch every episode of Brooklyn 99. Nick because it is detective thing, Nate because the pilot had two black guys actually having a conversation, and they would both entirely do Ray any day of the week. 

Preston and Piper sometimes sit in, but it’s like watching a sitcom from Mars and Nick and Nate keep having to stop the holotape and explain what the hell is going on.

Star Trek, though, goes like hell. Everyone loves Star Trek. Nate is the only one who actually watched any of the episodes (repeatedly, and all the movies, and the books, he may have owned Spock ears).

It was just after they’d finished a Star Trek marathon, which was alas interrupted by a Super Mutant attack. They were dragging the bodies into the compost heap, and Preston sorta grinned and said “Bet they never had to do that in that tv show.”

Piper shook her head. “Wonder if we’d be on the stars by now.”

And Nate, Nate felt his mouth dry and he remembered something really, really important about the lore. He moves his mouth, tries to find the right words.

“Well,” He heaves the dead mutant dog on the firepile. “Nah, they’d be about here.”

They looks at him. “That’s part of the story.” Nate continues. “They had the bombs too. Then some- people-” the whole genetic engineering thing sounds a little too much like synths and Nate quietly confines Wrath of Khan to the dustbin of memory. “Take over the world and massacre a lot of people. So actually, we’re doing better.”

There’s a odd, long silence, everyone is looking at him. Nate runs back through the last few minutes. He doesn’t think he said anything too bizarre?

“They had a nuclear war in that story?” Preston says softly.

“Um, yeah, and a lot of genocide. Which hasn’t happened yet. Because this world is nice.”

“So we could still-” Piper points up, the stars are tiny, white pinpoints.

“Oh yeah.” Nate shrugs. “I mean, there’s a smashed flying saucer we could learn from.”

Preston and Piper stay there, looking up, for a very long time.

Updating because the one other Companion who watches Brooklyn 99 is X6 and no one can tell me different. He’s convinced Holt and Diaz are Coursers.

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