Jan. 23rd, 2017

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So, like, my dad ran a London music label for ages before becoming a Peruvian farmer. One day he took me to his warehouse and told me to help myself to the CDs. I’m not sure how I managed to carry that many out in one go and that will probably sound less than cool now but fuck that, CDs were like 18 quid back then and I was 15 with a fiver pocket money a week. I couldn’t buy that many CDs now.

Anywhoo, one of those turned out to be Eon’s Void Dweller, a really cool electronica CD. I still listen to it, and I’m still trying to work out where the hell half the audio clips came from because holy hell the copywrite infringement was incredible. So far I’ve identified the horror film ‘basket case’ and some of Dune.

Well, I was listening to Infinity and it starts with a clip of a dude going ‘I am now where men will be, approximately one million years from today’. And I thought, that sounds cool, is this some time travel shit? 

So I googles it and it was some 1960s thing called the Sixth Finger and seriously I am not 70 years old we didn’t have the old 60s Outer Limits at home and mum really restricted TV watching okay?

So I watched it today. And it was awesome because I think 50s and 60s sci-fi is possibly the most awesome thing ever and the Sixth Finger rocks even if it wasn’t about time travel.

Then I found out Eon fucking died and I don’t know how I feel. Awesome TV series to watch. Great musician dead. I am uncertain.

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