Jan. 29th, 2017

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i’m loving all this violent response to nazis stuff that’s going around but i also want to say like be careful out there because not all nazis are fucking clowns like richard spencer. most of em carry weapons and will not hesitate to cut your ass up and leave you dying in a dumpster. if you don’t know how to fight, don’t take one on without backup. and even if you do know how to fight, watch yourself. i don’t want to see any of you getting killed

Irl these are the same ‘people’ who put up their shitty swastika stickers around towns and hide poisoned razor blades behind them so people cut themselves and get sick if they try to peel it off with their hands so don’t like underestimate what those animals are capable and what they’d be willing to do to you.

yo that reminds me to remind you never to peel off facist propaganda with your hands, that’s what your pocket knife/boxcutter/antifascism stickers are for.
don’t trust facists please be safe.

Instead, carry a permanent marker with you and deface as appropriate.
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So, as I said, the reason I haven’t been writing much is that I’m playing Fallout 4. I’m basically a huge fan of Fallout, and of Bethesda generally, and I’ve been enjoying this game a lot. However, there have been two bits that have stood out so perfectly that I want to give them a shout out.

The first is very minor, but is so wonderful I love it to bits. There is a minor subquest wherein you pretend to be a 50s masked hero in the style of the Shadow or the Lone Ranger. You get the costume, and as long as you’re wearing the costume you get an extra dialogue option in which you act like this masked hero. Overblown 50s dialogue and all. Think the Tick, played straight.




Now, all the dialogue is voiced, so your character will delivery these as bombastically and overblown as they sound- but you also see your character’s face in this, and you can see that throughout everything, he or she will have the most enormous, shit-eating grin on their face. This is ridiculous, they know it’s ridiculous, but they are having a blast.

It just come across so perfectly and genuinely that I just picked the dumb Tick dialogue every time, just to see my character look so. Goddam. Happy.

The second is a spoiler for the second act so under cut.

So, if you know the Fallout series (and even if you don’t you can probably guess by the name) this is a post apocalyptic world. Now moving firmly into the post-post apocalypse where things are getting rebuilt and the world is coming back into shape again. 

However, things are generally still pretty grubby and worn out in there. Landscapes are still pretty blasted and only just being reconquered by hardy shrubs. Technology is very worn and battered and is mostly pre war stuff cobbled together to keep working.

Keep this in mind.

At this point in the game, you’ve just finished a dungeon and discovered that the person you’re looking for isn’t there, and is completely impossible to find. Being in the hands of the shadowy Institute. So you head out, feeling beat, get out onto the rooftop and see this:

That. That is what I love about Fallout. It’s like in Fallout 3 with Liberty Prime. It’s a complete volte-face in tone and the sheer scale and awesomeness of this thing hits you so hard. I mean, ironclad zepplines are epic anyway but Bethesda have managed to put you in the shoes of someone from the wasteland so well that you see this through their eyes. This is new tech, this is the biggest tech they have every seen. This It terrifying and incredible and awesome.

I like the East Coast Brotherhood and usually side with them, so this was also for me like the cavalry arriving, where they said We are the Brotherhood of Steel I legit airpunched HELL YEAH.

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