Feb. 4th, 2017

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So I am finally writing the SLR version of Iron Man 3. I loathe Iron Man 3, so 90% of it has been jettisoned. Fuck that movie. 

We have AIM, we have Extremis, and we have Hydra because it makes only sense if the two are happening at the same time- president being kidnapped as part of Hydra’s coup, the incomprehensibly evil veterans are really Hydra agents, why the Avengers can’t help each other. 

We have Pepper actually in a fucking suit for more than three minutes, we have Rhodey, we have the bots not dying, we have weird callbacks to earlier installments in SLR I deliberately set up in order to fuck you Shane Black and your Extremis shittying, Arc reactor removing, Pepper damselling, PTSD mocking crapfest of a movie.
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Tentative titled : In which Tony has a Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad week 

Tony squints at the screen. The Helicarrier is collapsing into the Potomac. “Are they okay?”

“I cannot be certain. Ms Romanov has released a great deal of information on the internet and it is difficult to parse through it to recover current events. However, AIM appears to be involved, and have released a statement as to your death. They have kidnapped the President to aid with Hydra’s takeover. I believe the vice-president is involved.”

This is- a really stupid popcorn movie. He is living through a really stupid popcorn movie. And he’s in Heat.
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because i’ll always love you

slightly bigger version here shush i’m having a tony/robots otp moment

Rebloging because I’m gonna finally screw up the nerve to post Fic From Hell, and this was a HUGE influence on that fic.

Reblogging this again because this. This is where Sex Love and Robotics came from.

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