Feb. 28th, 2017

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replied to your post “aceshepard
replied to your post “aceshepard
replied to your post…”

*bows* i stg i only found a face claim bc i was getting annoyed at fandom’s hatred of every east asian character in this fckn franchise so i was like What About Ur Fave. Also I’m laughing bc one of the lone gunmen from txf looks like maccready. But ye tbf the more developed a character of mine is the more i move away from face claims

There is a concerning lack of east asian characters (well asian characters generally) in Fallout as a whole and fandom makes sure to hate every single one of them somehow, so I am glad your Fave is East Asian is a good fallout fandom trend I support and encourage. And also–

How is Toshiro not an absolute excellent faceclaim for Nick???

This is my headcanon now. This works doubly well in my playthrough as my Sole Survivor is mixed race and faced a lot of shit for it before the war. 

I’m also going to eventually post a fic about Lunar New Year in Diamond City so that’s extra perfect.

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