Mar. 19th, 2017

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So, I’ll make this post kind of my base of operations for the ensuing Trumpocalypse, which means I’ll try to explain as much as possible and update/reblog this post as new information becomes available. That’ll be hard because, like I said last week, New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN are tumbling over each other trying to break this piece leak by leak.

tl:dr - We’re in the early days of one of the biggest news stories of our generation, in which the President is being actively investigated for treason. 

Okay, so this all started with that resignation, right?

That was what woke the country up to how big of a deal everything is. General Michael Flynn resigned as Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser on February 13th after it was leaked to the Wall Street Journal that Flynn was under investigation for some phone calls he’d had with Russia.

What’s so bad about that?

The U.S. intelligence community, as you probably remember, found evidence late last year that confirmed Russia had intentions of influencing our election. Barack Obama retaliated by placing sanctions on Russia. Flynn’s calls with Russia took place that same day, right after the announcement of the sanctions. Flynn told Russia “You don’t have to worry about those sanctions,” suggesting the new administration planning to lift them.

Wait, how do we know all this?

Donald Trump is a jackass who thinks he knows more than everybody, even the people who know the most about everything on Earth, the United States intelligence community. The FBI, CIA, NSA, our spies, military intelligence, etc. are currently proving the worth of their years of privacy violations. They always said “We only do this to protect America,” and while I’m not ready to say that’s true, that’s definitely what they’re using their intel for now. The intelligence community, based on their intel, believes the Trump White House is penetrated by the Kremlin, and they don’t take kindly to being insulted by Dumbass Donnie, so they happily leak intel to the press to push Congress to investigate. Some even suspect the sanctions themselves were a coordinated effort by the intelligence community and President Obama to bait the Trump campaign into trapping themselves.

Okay, so they want to lift the sanctions. Aren’t they allowed to do that?

Yes, but then comes another leak. The NSA confirms Trump’s campaign was in “constant contact” with the Russians throughout the election. Put the pieces together: Trump’s campaign in contact with Russia + Russia hacking Hillary Clinton’s emails + Trump winning + Trump campaign lifting sanctions against Russia for the crime Russia committed that helped Trump win = …

Equals what?

Equals the Trump campaign colluding with a foreign power to execute an act of espionage against the United States.

But how can they prove Donald Trump knew anything about this?

In comes the latest leak from literally less than twelve hours ago. Guess who told Flynn to call the Russians? Guess who told him what to say? It was Trump’s close friend, the lawyer of the Trump Foundation, Michael Cohen. That’s just the cherry on top of the leak last week that Sally Yates, the acting Attorney General who was fired for refusing to enforce the Muslim Ban, straight up told the Trump administration that Michael Flynn had contact with the Russians the day the sanctions were imposed, AND told them the content of those calls. That was a full month before Flynn resigned. He only resigned after the intelligence community leaked it to the press. 


Yikes indeed.

Welp, the GOP isn’t going to investigate anyway.

It’s not up to them. The committees that would call for investigation are bipartisan. One of them, the Intelligence Committee is headed up by Senator Richard Burr from my home state of North Carolina. He’s one of the many senators, like Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Lisa Murkowski, and John McCain, who would salivate at the chance to take down Donald Trump. Any other president would have a decent GOP wall to protect them. Donnie does not. Even if he did, it wouldn’t matter. The intelligence community would keep leaking intel until they had to.

So, where are we in this whole process?

The FBI briefed Congress Friday on the Trump campaigns connections to Russia. Three different bipartisan committees have opened up investigations, the Intelligence committee, the Armed Services committee, and the Foreign Relations committee. These are separate investigations from the ongoing FBI probes, of which there are currently three active. Democrats want to establish a special committee to open a fourth investigation, and some even more aggressive Dems want a special prosecutor brought in to open a fifth investigation.

But they won’t impeach him, will they?

The trouble here for Donnie is that we’re not talking about lying under oath or covering up burglary. We’re not talking about conspiracy or bribery or destroying evidence. We’re talking about treason. Congress can choose not to impeach all they want. When the FBI takes Donnie away in handcuffs, it’s over.

But then Mike Pence becomes president, which is even worse.

First of all, no it’s not worse, you dumb shits. Second of all, every member of the Trump campaign who knew about any of this is going down. That include Pence, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, and the rest of the Dark Brady Bunch.

So then who becomes the President.

Paul Ryan.

Gross, but he’s kinda hot.

Dreamy af.

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