May. 9th, 2017

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Another chapter of my Fallout 4 fic.

Nick has issues. Nate is an idiot. Nick shouts a bit. Nate is sorry. Nate tries something else.

Nick’s existential crisis, Nate’s attempts to make it better, and various failures thereof. Dedicated to #dma-dima who asked how my Nate would meet with Dima.
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How is your Sole Survivor at a party? Do they like being around people or are they scared of crowds? Where would they spend most of their time?

Nate does like being around people, although he’s not a big fan of the sort of party where there’s loud music all the time. He’d like to stay with a large group of others, chatting, going from topic to topic with no real aim. Not being the center of attention, but just part of the larger whole. Belonging. Fitting in with the people around him to make up a happy, complete whole. 

If there is music, he’d prefer it if it wasn’t too loud, but would also take a turn or two dancing, particularly if Nick is there.

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