May. 31st, 2017

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why is it humans not humen

bc “human” comes from a latin root (homo > humanus > humaine > human) and “man” (and thus “men”) comes from a germanic root (mann > man) 

so you get humans, not humen, since “humans” doesn’t play by germanic rules

look at that i asked a question and i got an answer THANKS

English isn’t a language, it’s three languages stacked on top of each other wearing a trenchcoat.

With it’s pockets stuffed full of the spare vocabulary it’s nicked.
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downloaded some mods that cleaned up the roads and sidewalk in Sanctuary and it feels so good tbh

I’ve seen some people call this kind of thing “immersion-breaking” but you know what’s immersion breaking to me? Bethesda’s insistence that even after 200 years nobody has ever thought to pick up a fucking broom and clean up their damn homes

The cool part of the settlement building mechanic is that you get to feel like you’re starting to rebuild & fix the world, but that feeling of accomplishment is severely diminished when I’m making buildings filled with trash and pre-busted windows for some fucking reason

Here here! I can’t stand those leaves in the houses.

Spring Cleaning is one of my favourite mods ever, and if there are mods that tidy up some of the occupied non-player-settlement areas that would be amazing.

This reminds me that I also need to get that one that greens up the landscape. I don’t know what the timeline would be exactly, but you don’t get two hundred years of a barren landscape where nothing grows.

I know that Hiroshima, just over seventy years out, is a safe place to live and has over a million people. (The city adopted the oleander as an official symbol because it was the first flower to bloom there after the bomb.) The land around the Chernobyl nuclear plant is contaminated and not safe for people to live on, but plants still grow and thrive (and incorporate radioactive fallout into themselves).

I’m not trying to downplay the human impact of real nuclear disasters, but the visuals favoured in post-apoc fiction aren’t much like what we know about the reality.

I just headcanon that most of the greenry is alive, but adapted to the heavily radioactive and desertified landscape so we don’t recognise it. The grass is still growing, it’s just yellow now instead of green due to the different climate.  All the trees outside the Glowing Sea are still alive, they just behave like desert plants and only bloom after a rainstorm, dropping their leaves afterwards which explains why there are still dead leaves after 200 years.

Part of Fallout lore is that there aren’t any seasons any more, just one long desert summer. Which is really interesting in terms of plants, since that would mean that plants wouldn’t have set seasons either, but would just bloom and grow fruit continuously without the need to conserve energy for winter months. This shores up why the plants in Fallout always seem to be in fruit.

This ironically makes life for the creatures who live off the plants (including humans) much easier than in the pre-war world, since they wouldn’t need to bother with storing food for winter or timing their lives around when food would be available since it should be available most of the year round. This is turn frees up labor and would actually allow for cities and towns- and armies- in Fallout to be realistic as fewer people would be required to grow and look after crops.

Ironically, if you discount the radiation, most pre-industrial revolution farmers would love to live in the Fallout world. Endless summer! Less chance of crop failure! Year round food! Yes, the super mutants are a pain but when you look at the instances of famine in just Europe before the 1800s, you can definitely understand the appeal. 

Not to mention that this would lead to far more stable forms of government, since one of the major factors in national upheaval is food.
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Faraday practically sags with relief at not having to explain himself for the umpteenth time that day. He’s not quite sure how Nate found out about his and DiMA’s unfortunate body switch, but he’s grateful for once that news travels so fast. Apparently the gossip grapevine had it’s uses.
“I really appreciate this Nate. Problem is there’s technically nothing wrong with his legs, at least.. nothing more wrong than usual, and he gets around okay. I just struggle with the concept of having to plan where to put my.. his feet. Walking seems like such a simple thing until it isn’t.”
Faraday allows himself a long, self indulgent sigh, pleased to share this with someone who would understand. He’d seen Nate’s work before and it was impressive. If anyone would have been able to help it was him.
“You know if he’d consent to letting you take a look though, it’d be interesting to see if we could improve some things for him while I’ve got a chance to literally feel things out. I think I’ve done just about everything there is to be done, but I’ve already noticed so many problems he never told me about. This could be a good chance to fix them. You’re sure you wouldn’t mind giving me a hand with this?”

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