Jun. 3rd, 2017

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Here, at the beginning of all things, its a good time to lay out what your world is about.

For a lot of builders this is a rough step since the concept of their world may seem vivid in their mind, but the words to describe it just don’t come out that easy.

Even if the words don’t quite do your world justice, give a quick pitch as to what sort of world you’re building for both the folks who are watching you get to business to know what to expect, and also so you can turn back to this post when deep in the month you’ve forgotten what sort of concept you’ve dedicated yourself to.

You can talk genres, influences, give a short story that sells your world, do what you think will say to the world of world builders “This is my world!” so you can use that foundation to lay your bricks  upon!

So, I may never write in this world, but I’ve actually used it a bunch of times in various AUs.

I started it off as an attempt to have a Steampunk AU without that pesky Colonialist bullshit. Thus, I wanted a world in which we could recognise the whole Victorian aesthetic, without actually having oppression of none-white people, women, gay people, etc. I’ve been referring to it as my ‘progressive Victorian AU’.

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