Jun. 7th, 2017

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Nobody understands the essence of what makes something badass like a fifteen-year-old. It’s the purest form of badass understanding. Have you ever seen a fifteen-year-old designing a character? They’re fuckin badass as hell. Fearlessly badass. Unfalteringly. They know what they want and they go for it. Millions of spikes. Leather trenchcoats. Tinted shades. Boss.

@otatma said:

So why do people find their OCs from age fifteen so humiliating to contemplate then?  :/

The depressing truth is that people find their OCs from age fifteen humiliating because we’re trained to do so. We’re constantly bombarded with the idea that creating characters freely and without limits is somehow innately cringey and, in a lot of cases, people get mocked for it if not outright harassed or insulted. I look at my OCs from when I was fifteen and yeah, their designs are a little goofy, but holy shit! I was so much more creative in some ways, and willing to take risks in character design that I’m still trying to re-learn how to do now!

Take me back to the days where I could draw robot catgirls with wings and a million swords because you know what? Fuck the very notion of “cringiness”. I’m here to have fun and me and my badass reploid OCs are gonna do just that.

Blizzard sold jillions of copies of games whose every character design is all about hitting that “cringy” limit.

Actually? This is excellent advice.

Fuck cringy.

Design your characters like they’re gonna be getting alternate skins in Heroes of the Storm.

I refuse to be ashamed of my tyrannical half dragon space pirate queen Kuthgar the merciless. She was fucking awesome.
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I am having so much fun with my 3-5 year olds it isn’t even funny.

So we were given the biggest load of patriarchal crap for our topic this month. Fairy tales is all well and good but when the pictures are just straight up ‘princess screams and needs to be rescued, knight fights dragon’, you know it isn’t going to wash with the Frozen generation.

(Thank you Disney for Queen Elsa. Thank you so much.)

So I’ve been giving my kids a choice. They can fight the dragon (Great Wyrm Red, aka me) as a knight with a sword (lv 20 paladin with sword of dragon slaying) or as a princess (wizard level 20 with ice meteor swarm). 

I’m getting a very satisfyingly gender mixed group choosing to be princesses so they can blast me with loud whooshing sounds. The dragon is doing a lot of screaming to help drill that vocabulary word.
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Now to edit and reread a bunch of time until I’m happier with it.

In which Nate falls through a floor, Nick doesn’t know anything about kink, and despite all this, there is sex.

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