Jun. 8th, 2017

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This is just your aggressively friendly reminder that “cishet aces” and “cishet aros” don’t exist.

“Cishet” was a word coined by trans people meant to describe someone who has full, unconditional access to straight privilege - that is, someone who is 100% perisex, cisgender, heterosexual, and heteroromantic. 

If you use cishet to refer to a-specs, you are using it wrong.

If you’re cis and you’re using it, you are stealing our language on top of using it wrong.

The more I see cishet used on tumblr (I’m NOTtalking about how it was coined otiginally) the more similar it seems to the anti-black term oreo. It’s a way to shut up people you don’t want to listen to.
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sine mora is a game about cute animals in little planes shooting bullets at the bad guys, while slowing down time

ya dig,,


I’m rich, bitch. Too wealthy to die. And kill a whole lot of people for a vain asshole.

Long Live the Queen is a game about a cute magical girl princess who needs to go to school and learn to be a good ruler

Fallen London takes place in an underground steampunk Victorian London where the player character can be non-binary, same-sex marriage (player character/player character and player character/NPC) exists, and most of the NPCs are canonically bisexual. 

Also, the cats talk. So do some of the flowers.

Fallout 4 is about how an evil dystopia was destroyed and people went back to living on the land, and you have to stop a cabal of scientists from bringing the old world back.
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Another chapter of the Adventures of Nate and Nick.

Today, they find a kink shop.


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