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Aug. 2nd, 2017 03:27 pm
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The real new Alternate History show is Black America. After the Civil War, black Americans receive reparations for slavery and create their own nation. 

It’s been in production for a while, and is not a reaction to Confederate, but it’s good to know there are actually fun AH shows out there.
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Something that really made me think about this new CSA HBO shitshow. It’s very premise is justification for slavery. If you’re writing about the CSA continuing to the present day, it means the CSA has survived to the present day.  

It means that, from it’s very definition, the CSA system was somehow sustainable for another 150 years or so. Which means the slave system actually works on some level in the modern day.

I mean, if the CSA is shown as a 1984 style dystopian disaster, that would actually be kinda cool. It would show that the system did not work, the world is better without it. However I really doubt they are going to to that. I’m guessing something more like the CSA movie.

(which I enjoyed, but not as a continuous tv series, seriously guys)

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