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So, I’m currently making my way through Howey’s silo series. I just finished Shift, and it was… okay. There was some win, there was some fail (Anna was some misogynist nightmare, I swear), but the thing that really pissed me off was when Howey dragged the Holocaust into the conversation.

Now, I’m not going to say the inclusion was not warranted, when you’re talking about the annihilation of all but a few hundred thousand people, comparisons to genocides are perfectly valid. No, I dread whenever someone brings up the Holocaust because it’s either going to be a) trite, or b) entirely inaccurate.

Now, Howey managed to dodge most of a) but fucked up wildly with b). Firstly, Donald? You are not an inmate. You are an SS who honestly both didn’t know what he was doing and had no real way of knowing. It sucks, but it’s still kinda your fault. I did love the ‘it was not bad men who did this, it was an evil system’ and that fact that Shift explores how people who work in an evil system can so easily become corrupted without even knowing. Though Donald is still fighting, he’s still pretty much beyond redemption.

But there was one bit that absolutely pissed me off, because it shows that Howey didn’t do even a basic google reseach. There’s a bit where our reluctant proto-SS Donald remembers a photo from a concentration camp of a man driving a bulldozer which is shoving along a huge pile of corpses. Now, my degree was apparently good for something because I not only knew the photo, I could bring it up in my mind immediately. Which is why it pissed me off that Howey followed the reference with Donald thinking of how the man driving the bulldozer was clearly not bothered by what he was doing, that ‘it was just another job to him’.

Now, I had a hunch that Howey got so far the wrong end of stick that he was in another tree altogether, so I looked it up. Here’s the photo.


It’s from Bergen-Belsen, taken in April 1945. Do you see the problem? I do. Belsen was liberated in April 1945. That guy driving the bulldozer? Is a British soldier. And I’m pretty sure I can guarantee he wasn’t having a good day.

Howey didn’t even bother googling the picture. Because I did, and that was the first link I found.

*slow clap*

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So I was at a really great house party run by an old professor of mine, and it was a really good time, a lot of really friendly fannish people, loads of fellow geeks, so I was wandering around chatting to just about everyone and it was really enjoyable.

However, you know that horrible feeling when you start talking to someone and it slowly dawns on you that their opinions are not only utterly unlike yours, they're downright opposed?

I was talking to two people in the sitting room, and they suddenly went on a rant on how more people died last year from overeating than undereating. Being the glass-half-full person I am, I said 'oh, that's good right? It means less people are dying of hunger.' And they shot back 'no it's bad, I hate humans and want them to die'. Then they went on about how if fat people die it's a good thing because they're clearly not putting in the effort to lose weight and are all lazy and just don't want to try and stay alive. 'If you see a bus coming towards you, you get out of the way, right? So why aren't these people doing the same?'

And I was just internally going WTF and trying to point out that there are a lot of socio-economic factors involved in food availability, and that bad food it typically cheaper than good food, and that a lot of people in lower economic brackets not only find it difficult to get access to good food, but often lack the time to prepare it.

Their answer: Well, they had time to go to McDonalds, didn't they? And Oh, I was in this position when I was an undergrad, and I didn't have any problems making the change.

These people, note you, are white, vegan, and very clearly middle class.

So after a few minutes of hearing this sociopaths discussing why fat people dying was a good thing and they deserved it, I left in disgust. I have to admit, it coloured the rest of my evening a bit. I was not expecting people like that at the party.
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Ars Marginal can be a bit of a powder-keg at times, but this discussion crossed from bizarre to outright parody. It I didn't know Neo-Prodigy was actually real, I'd think they were a troll posing as a conservative parody of a progressive commentator.

On an Ars Marginal article on Elementary:


Iron Man 3

Apr. 25th, 2013 06:52 pm
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Well, that was an incoherent, schizophrenic pile of crap.
Serious spoilers beyond )
Going to be ignoring that one folks.

Krav Maga

Jan. 17th, 2013 11:55 pm
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So today i roped paramour into going to Krav maga with me. I really like it, but I was worried that he might freak out over people trying to hit me. Turns out I had it backwards. I spent the entire time working hard not to be physically sick, because people were trying to hit him. We tried sparring together but I literally could not throw a punch. Kicked the fight out of me for the entire session.

Brr, never again.
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Jesus Fucking Cripes.Guardian, I expected better of you.
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The historical fuck-ups are all the more bewildering for the actually pretty good respresentation of the Holocaust up to 1941. It got even kinda funny they way they were ticking off major events in chronology and I could pick out what they were referring to, but then they got to Auschwitz and it's as though eveyone making it was getting steadily more and more drunk to get away from how depressing it must have been, until they slapped a nonsensical happy ending on and stagged off to be sick in someone's flowerbeds.

C- Please see me.
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Sucks: Workmate who was generally believed to be insane has gone on all hate curbstomp hate-a-thon against yours truely, up to and including screaming deathrows about how I am evil and a liar and generally vile.

Wins: Workmate has brain of a clam and did one such screaming match in presence of manager, entire upper echelons of store now on my side. General tactic to happily give moron rope until she is well and truely hanged.

Sucks: Still not in any way a pleasant experience.

Wins: University is running both Holocaust Film and Holocaust Literature modules, great time expected to be had by all. will be having one lecture per semester, so can keep job with not much trouble.

Sucks: Grades not good due to lack of experience in writing essays on subjects. Please recc any London base classes/good books on writing for history specifically.

Wins: Decided on dissertation topic, which with luck and £16,000 also be a PHD topic. Did you know there are a number of texts written by the Auschwitz Sonderkommando  that no one seems to have paid any attention to since a summary (and now entirely out of print) bookfrom 1985?

Wins: Now writing again, and editing AIoM one last time. After this, no more excuses, will be trying to get published.

Generally wins over sucks, although the work thing is starting to get to me.
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Going on the example of this book, I think I'd be better off sticking to fanfiction, if this is an example of pastiches. I wanted to get out a big red pen and start annotating 'stop summarising the original' 'stop stealing lines form the original' 'for god's sake do something about the characterisation' and 'this plot makes no sense'.

Cut for spoilers )

Work suck

Jul. 13th, 2012 12:56 am
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Boss: *Complains about doing scheduling*
Me: Oh, but partner's good at databases, maybe he could make you a program to help you do scheduling.
Partner: *spends hours on a lovely database*
Boss: Oh, I don't want it any more, I got (Insert Name Here) to do the scheduling.
Me: *Gets to run four counters with three people*

I'm going to end up kneecapping someone with the goddamn can opener, I swear.
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One giant load of I TOLD YOU SO wasted. Nevermind that my reaction was NO NO NO DON'T. Yeah, fuck that shit. Because I am so British that my genes and bones are one giant sea of Napoleonic wars. I will be fucking supportive and nice, and polite and just wait until I get away and spend the rest of the evening downing vodka and The Sheep Look Up.

Fuck that shit.
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I've seen more intuitive bricks.

No wonder everyone is pirating your stuff.

No love.

(I'd be way more pissed at having bought an effectively useless collection of ones and zeros had the beneficiary not been Naomi Novik, who i like and want to patron)
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If you've ever been to a meeting or a conference open to the public, You'll know what I'm talking about. It happens every time. That one person who asks an obvious/irrelevant/stupid/insulting question and will not shut up and keeps talking about it for five minutes while the speakers pretend to be taking it seriously and everyone else is quietly facepalming. This one took the cheese for not only being insulting, but also completely incomprehensible. It didn't help that this was at the tail end of a six hour conference which had mostly entailed four historians sniping at each other (mental note, never put an Israeli historian, two German historians and an opinionated English historian in the same room) and no air con, so everyone was pretty much falling asleep in their chairs.

I have no idea what the question was, only it started off with the guy trying to prove that Jews are a biological race, wandered into Richard Dawkin's The Selfish Gene and finally ended on the note that the Wannsee conference house was next door to a house by a famous Jewish expressionist painter. It took about ten minuters, during which I had the honour of seeing one fo my tutors doing a massive facepalm. Watching the historians trying to find a coherent responce to the words salad was also entertaining.

Seriously, that's the third time in a row that our conferences have been gatecrashed by at least one idiot. Can we have some sort of door policy? Screen for morons or something?
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I'm not entirely sure how someone's train of thoughts can lead them to decide that the right course of action upon seeing an old lady collapsed on the pavement with two police and a civilian bystander trying to help her is to complain that she ought to be covered up, because you can see her legs and up her skirt and 'it's disgusting'.

Seriously, what sort of excuse for humanity does that? I mean, I've read ne-nazi pamphlets and tretises on how to run gas vans, not to mention keeping abreast of the American Republican election, and I have never seen anything that revolting. Even the policemen looked sick.
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Only they were about ten of them and they started a fight with some guys outside King's Cross Station. The guy who was the spitting image of Rabid White Guy started punching and attacking the guys who were, as far as I could see, just asking questions. The rest of the morons were just standing there holding collection buckets and/or swearing and egging on Rabid White Guy. Eventually the police were called. Came back later and found that they were still there, only there were more of them this time. WTF police? It was assault, arrest their sorry arses.

This? This is why Muslim canvassers scare me. This isn't the first time I've seen shit like this happen. I love arguing with manic Street Preachers, but I've stopped bothing with Muslims because I am now worried they will physically attack me.
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The last few months have gone from rough to fucking awful with cumulated me my doing a Geneva on my trip to Berlin and having such a breakdown there was nothing for it but to take a plane home the next day and leaving my awesomelovely classmates quietly wtfing and wondering how they're going to cope in Wansee without me to answer all the questions.

The troubles are as follows:

-kicked out of flat, had to find new flat
-spent all of money for next years uni on getting new flat
-mother napalming her own defence and being done for reckless endangerment
-is still appealing anyway
-tells me she can only help me with money if she wins appeal
-in meantime, essay due for course, couldn't find topic
-found topic, tutor spot it down
-wash, rinse, repeat
-gave up on tutor (wasn't answering his emails anyway)
-Wiener library catalogue broke down for a week, couldn't work

Anyway, things somewhat better now (although still no light on mother situation). Essay research is progressing well, got a two-week extension on deadline. New flat is nice, although cockroaches. Had even nicer exterminator come around, and now no cockroaches. Father came over, offered to pay for fees. Essay still very scary, although not far now. Next essay much nicer, looking forward to it. Two month slot cleared in March for Mass Effect 3.

May write fic in distant future.
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Telephone: *ring ring*

Me: Hello?

Who The Hell Is This: Hello, is this Mrs Manson?

Me: No, I'm sorry, you have the wrong number.

WTHIT: No, it's the right number, is this 147c?

Me: No, you have the wrong number.

WTHIT: No, it's the right number!

Me: Whatever. Fuck off.

*hangs up*

*Three seconds later*

Telephone: *ring ring*

Me: *oh crap* Hello?

WTHIS: Hello, is this Mrs Manson?

Me: No it isn't! You have the wrong number!


Me: I don't know and I don't care! It's not my problem! Go away!

*hangs up*

*Three seconds later*

Telephone: *ring ring*

Me: *I can't believe this* Hello?

WTHIS *sing-song voice* Helloooo Mrs Maaansooon-

Me: Is that you again? What the hell do you want! This is the wrong number!

WTHIS: You climb walls for a living.

Me: The Fuck?

*hangs up, pulls the plug from the phone*

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The issue is not giving us five texts instead of two, the issue if your inability to tell your arse from your elbow and only uploading them to us today, giving a grand total of two days to read and take notes on all five. Please have made concessions or I will condemn you to the rabid ocelot pit with Goldhagen, Katz, and other phenomenal failures.

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The issue is not giving us five texts instead of two, the issue if your inability to tell your arse from your elbow and only uploading them to us today, giving a grand total of two days to read and take notes on all five. Please have made concessions or I will condemn you to the rabid ocelot pit with Goldhagen, Katz, and other phenomenal failures.


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