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I hate it when people are so against teaching young white kids to recognize their racism. Like people will literally say shit like “oh they’re too young to be taught about racism, that’s harmful!” but like children of color are never too young to face racism from white people who were never taught to recognize their racism as children. Start teaching white kids (boys AND girls) to recognize their racism; the problem starts when they’re young.

Sr because the butthurt white people took over this post again.

Re blogging in light of this Charlottesville shit. Please teach your white kids to recognize racism so they don’t think this shit is okay or patriotism.

Having been a white kid: white kids learn from cartoons that they should let all the kids play in their treehouse even if they’re Different. That’s about where it stops, and that’s why white people grow up thinking that they aren’t racist if they have black friends. They have no clue about subconscious prejudice, or institutionalized systems that oppress some people more than others.

I wanted to share my own experience, as a white person with a very liberal upbringing. I went to a very inclusive, multicultural school. Our year books photos looked like Beneton ads, we celebrated fesitvals from every major religion, etc. I was raised that racism is BAD, only BAD people are racists.

So you can imagine what it felt like the first time I was walking down the road and felt a flash of unreasonable fear at passing a group of black guys. I was horrified! I was racist! Somehow, at some point, I had become a racist! It was like someone had just tattooed a swastika on my face and handed me my klan robes and hood. I had no idea how it could have happened.

The only option I could think of at the time was that as long as I never actually said anything racist or acted racist, no one would know. But it was a pretty scary experience and I wish someone could have told me what had happened- that I had internalised a lot of societal racism from my media, and that it was something I had to watch out for.

So yeah, not only do we need to tell kids about this to make it clear it’s not normal, but also because some kids WILL realise they’re racist, but think they’re latent Nazis because of it and feel too ashamed to actually talk to anyone about it.
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Are you seriously implying that all Jewish people are Trump supporters? When you can find posts all over tumblr about a rise on antisemitic crimes since he won the presidency?

And, y'know, USAmerica supported Israel with Obama, too, and I’m pretty sure so would have Clinton, they’ve always been their most public supporters, they are the ones always stopping UN resolutions that wouls help Palestine, etc.

So everything you’re saying? Bullshit.

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