Mar. 26th, 2017

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When you think about it, one of the greatest english humorous book series is about two men solving everyone’s problems but especially doing their best to bring couples together and make “true love” triumph.
They also do their best so the two of them can remain unmarried and live together forever in their “cozy bachelor establishment” (the ending of the second to last books is literally the main characters spelling it out for the reader and to each other). Which to me sounds like MAKING TRUE (PLATONIC?) LOVE TRIUMPH.
And the two main charcters are a “mentally negegible” but kind nobleman (who eventually improves himself) and a genius but cold valet (who eventually gains a hearth) and they both get better thanks to their deep devotion to each other. Also their main hobbies are books, music, fashion and doing whatever the hell they want. And bringing couples togethers because they are romantic saps.

Humorous books are rarely taken seriously and it’s a damn shame.

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