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The Addams Family renting out rooms in their huge mansion cheaply to broke college students.

The students digging it because the craziness and the bugs are pretty much the same as any other dorm house. Also, Morticia and Gomez treat them all like visiting cousins, not like tenants to abuse and exploit. 

One young female tenant sees Gomez treating his wife with the utmost respect and affection and realizes that she’s been making excuses for her awful, obnoxious boyfriend for way too long and that she deserves better 

Another tenant is in a same-sex relationship and their homophobic family doesn’t know (the Addams do, and Gomez and Morticia sit their kids down to explain homosexuality to them) “Your father and I love each other very much, and so does your new friend and her lovely girlfriend…” 

Another tenant who’s being pushed through a college program they hate by their controlling parents gets the courage to stand up to them and switch majors, confident in the knowledge that if their family isn’t going to accept them as an individual with their own dreams and goals, the Addams family will 

i almost even feel like the kids wouldn’t even question it cuz like, it makes as much sense as anything else

two people playing ping pong on the middle of the stairs. are they college students during finals week? are they related to the addams? who knows.

Wasn’t here an episode in the original tv series where a biker dude was adopted by the Adams and was overwhelmed by the love and acceptance that he couldn’t find in his own family?
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I wonder which of the Spidergang was the first to show up at May’s house and what she must’ve thought when a man in black and white/a girl inside a giant robot/a talking pig showed up outside her door.


The only one that makes sense is Noir. Peni doesn’t make sense to know that house and neither does Ham but if that house existed in 1930s New York and its just an old house, which by looking at the size and architecture it very well might be it, is possibly that May in Noir lives in the same exact house! Then we just have to assume that Noir was able to find the other 2 and bring them to May.

…or you know… plot holes.

Since May seems like a woman to give zero fucks I can only assume she was the one to go and round them up.
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Fic writing is on minor hiatus while Nate enjoys trying out his Lawful Evil side in Tyranny.

Spoiler alert, he’s not very good at it, but we both enjoyed yeeting that guy off the spire.
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I raise you

To be fair, fighting the Japanese was going to happen regardless of that Austrian guy did. It’s not like they were waiting on his orders.
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I think the Avengers cinematic series lost it’s appeal pretty much the same second I realized the directors were never going to make the team be friends
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Victor refusing to make the Monster a wife because he was worried they’d breed is such a cop out. Like, you’re cobbling together body parts from charnel houses. You can just not give her any ovaries. You can just spay her like a cat. Why are you this dumb Victor. You’re a doctor.

the implication that victor spend weeks giving the monster a working dick is also extremely weird

Something to remember is that Victor didn’t just give the monster a working dick! He wanted his creation to be made of the best parts of men-it’s why the monster is made up of so many different pieces rather than one fresh corpse, why he’s so large, and why Victor is disappointed that he isn’t beautiful.

So, what does this mean? It means that Victor looked at the dicks of various corpses, testing not only to make sure they work, but also to find what he considered to be the best corpse dick. Does this mean the monster was extremely hung? Or did Victor simply pick the dick that seemed most attractive to him? Did he memorize the appearance of the dicks, or did he line them up to compare?

We’ll never know, because the original story never touches on the subject, and it’s one of the few flaws in Mary Shelley’s work.

I know I started this conversation but I’m so sorry I did

Considering we know who Mary Shelley was spending time around I guarantee this was a CONVERSATION that she actively and adamantly refused to actually include in the text
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Here’s a quick doodle for the symbabies chapter of A Thousand Worlds Between Us by @skull-bearer on A03. Digital.

Thank you so much for this! It’s so lovely.
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But, if you were going to write a zombie apocalypse AU for Venom, think of all the fun questions you’d get to answer!

Can Venom be infected?

Could Venom cure Eddie if he was?

Would zombies taste dead and gross to Venom?

Could he get infected by eating them?

So much world building!!!

There was a Marvel zombie comic, if I remember, Venom and Eddie ended up dying because Venom couldn’t feed on Eddie’s emotions as a zombie and Eddie didn’t want to leave him so it was really tragic but sweet.
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The Guy Who Makes Those Cute Alien Comics Has Really Bad Opinions On Abortion:







Cartoonist Nathan Pyle, whose Strange Planet alien drawings you’ve definitely seen everywhere, was discovered to be anti-abortion today, which serves as a valuable reminder that you should know about the person whose content you’re sharing.

Pyle shares his artwork on Instagram on an account called @NathanWPyleStrangePlanet, which boasts almost 2 million followers. But, he also has a personal Instagram account and Twitter, which reveals a lot more about where he stands on important issues, like a woman’s right to choose. Twitter user @anarchopupgirl found a tweet that he posted back in 2017, in which he talked up the anti-abortion March for Life in a post about his former girlfriend. He shared a screenshot of a Facebook post that she had written, which thanked “the courageous mothers” who did not have abortions, and added, “When I think of the #MarchForLife, I first think of the life story of my girlfriend, Soojin. I am thankful she was given the gift of life.”

When looking at Pyle’s personal Instagram, though, it’s clear that we shouldn’t have been surprised that he has such conservative views. The first line in his bio is “I follow Jesus,” which should clue you in about his religious leanings.

Though you may not have followed Pyle’s account, you’ve no doubt seen his drawings re-posted by others on social media, and maybe even shared some yourself. Finding out about Pyle’s problematic views serves as a needed warning to make sure the content that you’re sharing was created by someone who views you as deserving of autonomy over your own body.

read more

‘kay now can we start spreading THIS version instead please? Thanks

I once again feel bad when I see these comics reposted without credit.

@thefingerfuckingfemalefury it seems this guy, like me, has very much improved and educated himself from the conservative views he used to have.

I reblogged the earlier post about him supposedly being anti-abortion so reblogging this one now to let people know that he’s apparently changed since then and is no longer a right wing anti abortion asshole but instead has become a very progressive and decent person <3

Which is good to find out because I did really love those comics and it’s nice to know the person making them ISN’T a prick after all

And it’s also good to find out because it’s always good to see people change for the better <3

Fair enough.
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wow i posted the first pic in december and never bothered to finish it but here it is finally. based on this text post by @sludgebf and hopefully there will be more to come yay
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While it could work, please name me one character who has DID who isn’t a villain. There aren’t many. Until we get more protagonists with DID even a well written villain is still contributing to a negative stereotype.
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So when it since we’re still on the topic of nakedness ala Venom I had a thought.

Eddie is the only one who really ever saw the Symbiote as a true romantic partner, but everybody still wanted to get buck naked while wearing it. Why would you risk taking a sonic blast and having everyone in the world see your gonads? I know that we think these men don’t have any shame but it seems kind of weird doesn’t it?

My proposition is though is that the Symbiote is actually the softest most luxurious feeling creature in the entire universe and you would be a fool to not have it cradle your junk. I mean Anne already described it as a warm bath what’s better than that?

eddie, fully enveloped for the first time, close to tears: it’s like… it’s like being suspended in liquid silk. it’s like the beating of angel wings given mortal form. it’s like the platonic ideal of caresses. i’m never going to wear clothes again

Full-body compression friend/garment that also gives you additional flexibility, super strength, and a fun way to turn your inner monologue into a dialogue
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Fun questions for anti antis that are into fanfics!

What was your first introduction to fanfiction and if you remember what was the first fic you reaf? :D

My first one was when I was 12 I think looking at Meta Knight fan art on DA and found a post with a link to with a story!

The story was cool from what I remembered XD it was based off of the anime which I was super into at the time! It had these dark moments too that just shook me tho like I was s h o o k!

I thought fanfiction was cool and chilled out on the site (at the time I mainly read Kirby sonic mlp and Mario fics XD)

(I remember this wild one that I can’t find anymore sob)

I was so ready to have this post be hostile but it’s actually cute, haha

I might be dating myself here, but my introduction was LotR fanfic! As I recall someone on Neopets was talking about a blog dedicated to Legolas, I got interested, and ended up reading a TON of self-insert fic that the blogger also wrote/linked to. That’s all I was into for years.

(Actually one of those self-insert fics was a pretty graphic one that dealt with like, rape and CSA? Oh man I hadn’t thought of that one in a while but it was really good)

I was probably…. hm….. around 11 at that time? After LotR I moved onto Harry Potter and Tamora Pierce.

Oh wow, that takes me back.

It was back in the golden days of I think 2001, during the hiatus between Harry Potter book four and five. I was a massive Harry Potter fan and had been going stir crazy waiting for the next book. I got on the family computer (dial up dear god) and did a random search for Harry Potter, and landed, somehow, on a piece of fanfic.

It was pretty decent, it was called Harry Potter Book 4 and ¾, and was about the gang going to Hogwarts and encountering Voldemort who had an evil pet parrot. 

I. Was. Blown. Away. 

People did this?! I thought I was the only one making up stories with other people’s characters in my head! 

I made a spirited attempt to read every Harry Potter fanfic on, made an account and was almost immediately banned for plagiarism. Made a second account in 2002 under the name Skull Bearer and… well, here I am.
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I’m gonna say something….. controversial

if you’re writing a story and your villain has (or is) dissociative identity disorder then your art is bad and you should feel bad.

you know how straight people are really terrible at telling gay jokes because they don’t understand what the actual funny parts of being gay are?

Yeah people without DID who try to use the disorder for horror/thriller purposes fail at it because they don’t understand how DID actually effects people and their lives and behavior and relationships

In fact every piece of dramatic media I can think of that depicts DID kinda relies on the audience not understanding how DID actually works

And if the audience being educated ruins their suspension of disbelief, you’ve fucked up

And if you have to demonize highly vulnerable abuse survivors to create drama, you might not have any business writing fiction to begin with

Fictional DID is always depicted as dangerous to everyone but the person with the disorder and it makes me wonder what amount of research is acceptable in Hollywood and TV these days

like in Split they’re all “different alters have different biological realities” as some kind of edgy “what if the hulk but real” thing, and as far as I know, the idea that different alters have different physiologies is not accepted by modern psychology, and was likely falsified by an extremely abusive, immoral, and sadistic psychologist who gave his patients dangerous experimental drugs just to see how they would react, and then when the patients complained of trouble breathing or heart problems, this doctor told the nurses that it was all part of ~multiple personality disorder~ so that they wouldn’t like. I don’t know. Tell someone that this doctor was poisoning his patients in a wholly unscientific manner for apparent shits and giggles.

So yeah, that such a good sign for that movie huh?? //sarc

Look I don’t have DID, but I did live with someone who did for a year. It barely affected me. The person told me because they assumed I would notice something odd if we were living together, but tbh if he hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have thought anything except maybe that he was forgetful and disorganized.

I only ever knowingly interacted with one alter, who a psychologist might describe as an “angry part”, as sometimes alters experience limited emotions and are classified as “emotional parts”. This is the kind of alter that movies like Split want you to think is a rage-crazy murder monster with no impulse control.

The real-life “angry alter” my roommate had? I mean he was kind of a dick. He always seemed generally pissed off but he wasn’t a threat to me. I think he maybe wasn’t very nice to my roommate but since that happened internally I never saw, I could only guess. Hardly a hulk-like sex murderer.

And actually the majority times I talked to this alter I didn’t even know it. Because usually he made a point of acting like my roommate so that no one would give the system any trouble. Because DID is a highly specialized, involuntary coping mechanism created to protect a victim of trauma or abuse. Alters form so that the victim can continue with their life and grow and develop. If all alters were dangerous volatile monsters that you could easily tell the difference between at a glance, they wouldn’t be a very effective defense mechanism.

So I would talk to my roommate as usual, and then like an hour later he would be like “whoa how long have I been gone, what was my body doing all day” and I would be like uhhh I literally don’t know dude if you hadn’t said that I wouldn’t have realized you weren’t the one fronting all day.

In Split it’s like “if I lose control of my alters they kidnap and murder people!!!” and meanwhile in reality it’s more like….. System needed to go to class today but Alter B was fronting when it was time to leave for class and they didn’t feel like going, so the whole system missed out on class and that sucks.

And when alters do hurt people its…. pretty much always the body of the system. There are suicidal and self-harming alters for sure. But I’ve never found a medically or scientifically valid article or study about homicidal alters. And certainly not alters who carry out complex kidnapping plots of multiple people.

And obviously fiction that demonizes any mental illness makes the world a more dangerous place for people with that mental illness, and I’ve even met mental health workers who believed the horror movie depiction of DID and thought my roommate was going to kill me. That is a serious problem. It’s one thing for Average Joe to think Split is a legit portrayal of DID, but when the people whose job it is to help mentally ill people believe this?? At best it’s going to be harder for systems to find the help they need. At worst, the mental health system becomes hostile and dangerous to those with DID.

If you want more information of this topic, I had DID for about four years and welcome questions. This is a very accurate post and I really appreciate specifying DID as a coping mechanism because that’s exactly what it is.
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For the people who are out there “fighting the good fight” and “trying to make fandom a better place,” I have two important questions for you:

1. Is the author dead? x

2. Is your baby in the bathwater? x

What do I mean by those things? Let’s start with #1. The Death of the Author is a type of literary criticism, the extreme cliff notes version of which is that art exists outside of the creator’s life, personal background, and even intentions. I’m using it slightly differently than Barthes intended, but that’s okay, because the author is dead and I’m interpreting his work through my own lens.

In fandom, the author is dead. In fact, the author was never alive in the first place, not really. The author has only ever been the idea of a person, because unlike published fiction, the only thing we know about a fanfic author is that which they choose to tell us about themselves.

Why is that important?

Because it might not be true. Hell, that happens in real life with published authors, who have SSN’s on file with their publishers, who pay taxes on the works they create and have researchable pasts. If the author of A Million Little Pieces could fake everything, why can’t I? Why can’t you? Why can’t the writer of your favorite fic in the whole wide world?

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: “you can only write about [sensitive subject] if [sensitive subject] has happened to you personally, otherwise you’re a disgusting monster that deserves to die!!” Or maybe “you can only write [x racial or ethnic group] characters if you’re [x racial or ethnic group] otherwise you’re racist/fetishizing/colonizing!”

You can play this game with any sensitive subject you can come up with. I’ve seen them all before, on a sliding scale of slightly chastising to literal death threats.

Now, I could tell you that I’m a white-passing Latina whose grandmother was an anchor baby. I could tell you that I speak only English because my family never taught me to speak Spanish, something which I’ve been told is common in the Cuban community, though I only know my own lived experience. I could tell you that I’m mostly neurotypical. I could tell you that I’m covered in surgical scars. I could tell you lots of things.

Are any of these true? Maybe! I could tell you that my brother has severe mental development problems, so uncommon that they’ve never been properly diagnosed, and that he will live the rest of his life in a group home with 24-hour care. Is that true? Am I allowed to write about families struggling with America’s piss-poor services for the handicapped now?

Am I allowed to write about being Cuban? After all, I did just say that I’m Cuban. But is it true? Can I instead write a character that’s Panamanian? Maybe I really am Panamanian, not Cuban. Maybe I’m both. Maybe I’m neither. Maybe I’m really French Canadian. Should we require people to post regular selfies? I can’t count the number of times I’ve had someone come up to me speaking Arabic, and I’ve been told that I look Syrian. What’s stopping me from making a blog that claims that I am Syrian? Can you even really tell someone’s race and ethnicity from a photo?

Am I allowed to write about being a teenager? Am I allowed to write about being a college student? Am I allowed to write about being an “adulty” adult? Can I write a character who’s 40? 50? 60? How old am I?

All of this is to say: you can’t base what someone is or is not “allowed” to write about on a background that may or may not be real. No matter how good your intentions. And I get it - this usually comes from a place of well-meaning. You’re trying to protect marginalized groups by stopping privileged people from trampling all over experiences that they haven’t suffered. I get that. It’s a very noble thought. But you can’t require a background check for every fic that you don’t like.

If you say “you can only write about rape if you’re a rape victim,” then one of three things will happen:

Real survivors will have to supply intimate details of their own violations to prevent harassment

Real survivors will refuse to engage and will then have to deal with death threats and people telling them to kill themselves for daring to write about their own experiences

People who aren’t survivors will say “yeah sure this happened to me” just to get people to shut up

Has that helped anyone? I mean really - anyone??

So now let’s get to point #2: is your baby in the bathwater?

If your intention is to protect marginalized people from being trampled upon, stop and assess if your boot is the one that’s now stamping on their face. Find your baby! Is your baby in the bathwater? Which is to say: find the goal that you’re advocating for. Now assess. Are you making the problem worse for the people you’re trying to protect? Does that rape victim really feel better, now that you’ve harassed and stalked them in the name of making rape victims feel safe?

Let’s say you read a fic that contains explicit sex between a 16 year old and a 17 year old. Is this okay? Would it be okay if the writer was 15? 16? 17? Should teenagers be barred from writing about their own lives, and should teenagers be banned from exploring sexuality in a fictional bubble, instead of hookup culture? Is it okay for a 20 year old to write about their experiences as a teenager? Is it okay for a 20 year old to write about being raped at a party as a teenager? Is it okay for a 30 year old? How about a 40 year old? Is it okay so long as it isn’t titillating? Is it okay if taking control of the narrative allows the writer to re-conceptualize their trauma as something they have control over? Is it okay if their therapist told them that writing is a safe creative outlet?

Is your author dead?

Is your baby in the bathwater?

Now let’s take a hardline approach: no fanfiction with characters who are under 18 years old. None. Is the 16 year old who really loves Harry Potter and wants to read/write about characters their own age better off? Should they be banned from writing? Should they be forced to exclusively read and write (adult) experiences that they haven’t lived? Will they write about teens anyway? Should they have to share it in secret? Should 16 year olds be ashamed of themselves? Should we just throw in with the evangelicals and say that the only answer is abstinence, both real and fictional?

Let’s say that no rape is allowed in fiction, at all. None. What happens to all the hurt/comfort fics where a character is raped and then receives the support and love that they deserve, slowly heal, and by the end have found themselves again? Are you helping rape victims by banning these stories? Are you helping rape victims by stripping their agency away, by telling them that their wants and their consent doesn’t matter?

Is your baby in the bathwater?

Fandom is currently being split in two: on one side, the people who want to make fandom a “safer” place by any means necessary, even if that means throwing out all of the marginalized groups they say they want to protect - and on the other, people who are saying “if you throw out that bathwater, you’re throwing the baby out too.”

The whole point of fandom is to be able to explore all kinds of ideas from the safety and comfort of a computer screen. You can read/write things that fascinate you, disgust you, titillate you, or make your heart feel warm. This is true of all fiction. People who want to read about rape and incest and extreme violence and torture can go pick up a copy of Game of Thrones from the bookstore whenever they want. Sanitizing fandom just means holding a community of people who are primarily not male, not straight, not cis, or some combination of those three, to higher and stricter standards than straight white cis male authors and creators all over the world.

There is nothing you can find on AO3 that you can’t find in a bookstore. Any teenager can go check out Lolita, or ASOIAF, or Flowers in the Attic, or Stephen King’s It, or Speak, or hundreds of other books that have adult themes or gratuitous violence or graphic sex. The difference is that AO3 has warnings and tags and allows people to interact only with the types of work that they want to, and allows people to curate their experiences.

Are these themes eligible to be explored, but only in the setting of something produced/published? Books, movies, television, studio art, music - all of these fields have huge barriers to entry, and they’re largely controlled by wealthy cishet white men. Is it better to say that only those who have the right connections to “make it” in these industries should be allowed to explore violence or sexuality or any other so-called “adult” theme?

Does banning women from writing MLM erotica make fan culture a better place?

Does banning queer people from writing about queer experiences make fan culture a better place?

Is M/M fic okay, but only if the author is male? What if he’s a transman? What if they’re NB? Who should get to draw those lines? Should TERFs get a vote? What if the author is a woman who feels more comfortable writing from a male character’s perspective because she’s grown up with male stories her whole life, or because she identifies more with male characters? What about all the transmen who discovered themselves, in part, by writing fanfiction, and realized that their desires to write male characters stemmed from something they hadn’t yet realized about themselves?

How can we ever be sure that the author is who they say they are?

Who is allowed to write these stories? How do we enforce it?

Is it better for none of these stories to ever exist at all?

Have you killed your author?

Have you thrown out your baby with the bathwater?
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important images from the baby books

they sweem

Where is this from? It’s adorbs.
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so jkr isn’t allowed to say dumbledore and grindelwald /were/ in a relationship and she isn’t allowed to say they /weren’t/ in a relationship like what do y'all want

To stop saying and actually write it.
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wh. when eddie comes over to anne and dan’s for dinner and games night and eddie’s day brainwise has been not great and dan comes up behind him on his way out the kitchen and smacks him between the shoulderblades in a “hey how ya doin” kind of way but its just this side of Alarming and eddie yells “NO” and suddenly venom is there awkwardly standing eleven feet tall in the living room because eddie has Tapped Out. he is Done For The Night. so venom is like HES IN HERE HE JUST SAYS HE WOULD RATHER BE SOUP RIGHT NOW. HELLO and venom and anne and dan sit around the coffee table playing scrabble for 3 hours (venom has to sit on the floor because anne will not let him onto the couch) (shes afraid he would break it if he sat on it) (shes right)

Venom is a good boyfriend.
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Okay but is it still a ship if it’s canon?

Aha, we have a definition!

…  Yes. It’s just a canon ship. “crack” means not canon. Ship just means “relationship”.

Thanks, @deluxetrashqueen-secretidentity 😘

I don’t think so. I find that crack ship means a weird and screwed up pairing that the author is writing for lulz. Harry/Draco is not a crack ship, even if it isn’t canon. Dumbledore/Giant Squid is a crack ship.

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