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Jul. 19th, 2013 11:12 pm
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The best way to describe this is to imagine if one of the Fallout radio stations was being broadcast from an American version of Hot Fuzz's village with extra crazy.

It's both utterly bizarre and hilariously funny. It's not exactly scary beyond vaguely unsettling. The narrator is very sweet.
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I went to see Derren Brown's new show Infamous. If you don't know who Derren Brown is, he's about the nearest thing real people can get to having Sherlock Holmes powers. He's a stage magician and mantalist. He is very cool. I'm not going to spoil his show because you have to see it to believe it and because he asked us not to. He's a nice guy, least I could do.

Anyway, i just want to put this out because I know some of you (like me) have life get on top of you and he gave out this very handy trick for putting problems in perspective:

When we envisage a problem we see it as a sort of film reel going at about eye level: it is  on top of us, so that's why it feels so all-consuming. If, when this happenms, you picture it shrinking down and playing further down- about the level of your stomach, it suddenly seems very small and insignificant, and you feel huge and all-powerful.

Minor show spoilers )
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Ars Marginal can be a bit of a powder-keg at times, but this discussion crossed from bizarre to outright parody. It I didn't know Neo-Prodigy was actually real, I'd think they were a troll posing as a conservative parody of a progressive commentator.

On an Ars Marginal article on Elementary:

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Yes I waited until Febuary to see my first film of 2013, sue me.

I have an odd relationship with Tarantino movies. On one hand he is without a doubt a terrific director with his own unique style, and the films he makes are very good. However, for some reason, I've yet to see a film of his that grabs me by the throat and doesn't let me go until the last moments. I can never say I love any film of his. It's not his fault, there's just something about them that doesn't quite mesh with me. That being said, I've not met a Tarantino film that I actively dislike (except, for very personal reasons, Inglorious Basterds), so every time a film of his comes out, I usually go and see it because it guarantees a good time. Not every film has to be District 9.

So, that being said, I went to see Django Unchained. To me, it looked like what Inglorious Basterds should have been, and was at the very least not covering a historical period I was familiar with. I went in expecting gore, slaughter and good dialogue, with perhaps a little hope that this would be the film that would make me understand why Tarantino is so universally beloved by so many.

I'm sorry to say I still haven't got it, but that's all I can complain about, because Django Unchained is a rollickingly good film, and I had a really good time. It was, all around, really good, really fun, and really, really satisfying in a visceral way you only get with Tarantino films.

Unlike Basterds, in which I hated the title characters to the point I wanted to Nazis to blow them up as soon as possible, the main characters of Django and Schultz are very likable. They're not always likeable people, but as an audience there's no real problem in rooting for them. The bad guys similarly, are so repellently bad that it's a joy and delight when they get blown away in showers of bullets and floods of very pretty blood.
Spoliers from here people, you are warned )
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I was talking with friends about the possibility of a Tunguska style event with this asteroid that's passing by us around nowish, and migth be back in fifteen years time for an direct hit, as the rock in question is about the same size. I always found Tunguska a pretty fascinating phenomenon considering it hit one of the few places on earth where it not only didn't cause much damage, but also wasn't really noticed until years later, being a random part of pretty uninhabited Siberia. It's of interest to alternate history buffs because if it had hit six hours later it would have annihilated St Petersburg at roughly the same time the Tsar was visiting.

Anyway, we ended up discussing the places it might hit today, for maximum entertainment value (with the consideration we know about it and would have fifteen years to prepare). Vatican City (oddly the next day the pope resigned, maybe he knew something we didn't), New York (because everything happens to New York), Isreal (which would make the theory that the Jewish God is a massive arsehole completely legitimate) or North Korea (where it would be the best thing to hit North Korea in several decades).

Now: Meteorite explodes over the Russian Urals.

The fuck? Luckily as with Tunguska it appears to have the same deathcount: none. But two people are in intensive care. Unlike Tunguska, we're getting a lot of mobile phone footage (something which was distinctly lacking in Random Siberian Forest 1908)

No, seriously, the fuck?
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Really, this is a game. The other characters? Are other players connected over the internet. Who don't have a chat option.

Seriously, think of this not as a game playthrough, but as a ghibli-style animated film. Clear out an hour and a half of your time and watch it.

Holy fuck.
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Jesus Fucking Cripes.Guardian, I expected better of you.
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At indiegogo.

Because, seriously, rule of awesome totally applies here.
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"It's like you’re casually walking home and then BAM chloroformed and you wake up in a room full of gay superheroes and you don’t know how you got there but you like it."
-    suchalostcreature on Tumblr
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Father coming home from Afghanistan dresses as Captain America to surprise his children.

Also, why is the Green Mile considered to be a 'Magic Negro' movie when said black character is so clearly the second coming of Jesus Christ?
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One giant load of I TOLD YOU SO wasted. Nevermind that my reaction was NO NO NO DON'T. Yeah, fuck that shit. Because I am so British that my genes and bones are one giant sea of Napoleonic wars. I will be fucking supportive and nice, and polite and just wait until I get away and spend the rest of the evening downing vodka and The Sheep Look Up.

Fuck that shit.
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Not sure how many of you know the game Psychonauts. Here's a review of it by a game commentator to give you the gist. All I can say is that it's even funnier than he makes it sound. Anyway, recently, the maker of the game, Tim Schafer, mentioned in an interview for a gaming website that he would love to make a sequel, if 'someone could led him a few million'.

Enter Notch, creator of the epic time-waster Minecraft: "How many million?"

Anyway, Notch decided to pledge something like 500,000 dollars (give or take a few zeros), and to round off the figure, they decided to ask the gaming community (many of whom regard Psychonauts as one of the great games of the medium) to donate as much as they could, with the goal of raising $400,000 in a month.

It's been two days.

It hit $65,000 in an hour.

It hit the target in eight hours.

The total is now approaching 1.5 million dollars.

I foresee that games developers around the world are currently kicking themselves in the nuts for not having jumped in while they had the chance :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Anyway, if you're a fan, or just want to help the game along and get a free copy, donate here.
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The voice of Otto von Bismark

Seriously, how totally awesome is that? We can thank the slimebag Edison for having it recorded, it's from 1889.
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People who study ants, which is an awesome job anyway. Ants rock.
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I'm not entirely sure how someone's train of thoughts can lead them to decide that the right course of action upon seeing an old lady collapsed on the pavement with two police and a civilian bystander trying to help her is to complain that she ought to be covered up, because you can see her legs and up her skirt and 'it's disgusting'.

Seriously, what sort of excuse for humanity does that? I mean, I've read ne-nazi pamphlets and tretises on how to run gas vans, not to mention keeping abreast of the American Republican election, and I have never seen anything that revolting. Even the policemen looked sick.
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Only they were about ten of them and they started a fight with some guys outside King's Cross Station. The guy who was the spitting image of Rabid White Guy started punching and attacking the guys who were, as far as I could see, just asking questions. The rest of the morons were just standing there holding collection buckets and/or swearing and egging on Rabid White Guy. Eventually the police were called. Came back later and found that they were still there, only there were more of them this time. WTF police? It was assault, arrest their sorry arses.

This? This is why Muslim canvassers scare me. This isn't the first time I've seen shit like this happen. I love arguing with manic Street Preachers, but I've stopped bothing with Muslims because I am now worried they will physically attack me.
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1- I love turtlenecks (nothing to do with X:FC, I've always loved them)

2- I love the colour grey, the lighter and paler the better.

3- I love cashmere.

Guess what I found in a charity shop for £10?


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