Apr. 24th, 2017

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Welcome to Alpha, the city of a thousand planets. Where for hundreds of years, every species has shared their knowledge, their intelligence with each other. It’s paradise.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017) dir. Luc Besson

When you just look at that and go ‘yup, that’s Luc Besson’.
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Wow that’s some bullshit?

How to be a shitty parent

how is this shitty parenting if i tell you to be home at a certain time you better be there. Shit my mom would have been out looking for me.

Right? How is this shitty at all?? If i tell you to be home at a certain time you better be there or else you aren’t allowed in the home. I care about my kids safety so much I’ll endanger them when they dont listen to me.

i do not have the energy to explain why this is a shitty thing to do but yeah it’s shit

I do! If you’re gonna be a vindictive little shit to your kids, you shouldn’t be having them. Having abusive parents like the ones up here fucked up my perception of love and affection. 

I got locked out of the house all the time just like this poor kid. Do you know how fucking cold it gets at night? NO because you’re cushy and comfortable behind those decorated glass doors! I slept in 30 °F weather. I was on the swim team so I had to wake up and run with the team at 5 am then go to class. I’d wake up with frozen hair and bugs crawling on me. I’d start crying and it would rain fucking cold water. I had no friends in the neighborhood to go to. I’m still somewhat scared of the dark. 

There’s wild animals and predatory strangers and shit out there. You’re gonna put your fucking CHILD in that situation and FAIL to be their guardian at one of the most important times of day just because they made it home late? Kids make fucking mistakes, and if you aren’t prepared for that, you shouldn’t even have pets. You’re not a caretaker, you’re a lazy abusive perfectionist snot. I’d kick your ass if you were my neighbor and I saw you pulling this shit! No joke!

My roommate talks all the time about how if her kids mess around she’d smack them around, but she and a LOT of other people do not understand that punishments like those are abuse. They fuck your kid up for life.

If you leave a kid out in the cold they’re more likely to get into more trouble/danger to keep warm anyway. Who’s gonna take your kid into their home? Do you even give a shit what happens to them? No because you wanted to play god and get back at someone who is still developing. Be a fucking adult.

Your kid is not  a robot. It’s so shitty these parents have done this kind of stuff before and have NOT given the kid a blanket. 

Neglect is the chronic inattention or omission on the part of the care giver to provide for the basic emotional and/or physical needs of the child, including food, clothing, nutrition, adequate supervision, health, hygiene, safety, medical and psychological care and education. Emotionally neglected children do not receive the necessary psychological nurturance to foster their own growth and development. The consequences of neglect can be very serious, particularly for young children. The child who does not receive adequate emotional, cognitive and physical stimulation, physical care and nutrition may experience lags in development. These lags in development may be irreversible.


*Rejection, ignorance and isolation

*A lack of shelter

*Emotional neglect or lack of supervision

*Deliberate locking children out of the house

So if you think pulling this childish bullshit is ok, I will break into your house and steal whatever funds it takes to care for your child. I’ll fight you in the morning because you’re a garbage human being.

Stop teaching your damn kid they’re worthless. YOU made them.

 Stop being your child’s enemy, start being their actual fucking caretaker.

Just so y’all know… in the state of Texas, this is grounds for me to call CPS on your ass.  

And I will, too.

Same in Illinois and I fucking will.  

TBH all the people coming out in support of locking kids outside for missing curfew need to just not have kids

Reminder that one of the victims of Ted Bundy (the serial killer) was locked out of her house because of missing curfew, and he offered his “help.”

This can get your child KILLED.

Also, not everyone chooses to get home late.

There may be traffic, or an accident of some kind, or they may simply have a shit sense of time or direction.

Seriously, if you would ever, ever do this to a child, don’t fucking talk to me.

I just checked. A parent or guardian who doesn’t adequately feed, clothe or shelter their minor child for reasons other than poverty–that is, the lack is because of something that the parent or guardian did or did not do–is, in the state of Connecticut, guilty of parental neglect. So it’s a Department of Children and Families issue in my state, too.

Also, what the hell message is this giving the kid? If you stay out too late you might as well stay out all night? Fuck you assholes I’m staying up playing FPSs until 2am with my mates at their place because what’s the fucking difference except I’m not sleeping on the fucking street?

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