May. 7th, 2017

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Is apparently getting a movie. This is a really sweet, really well done little book. Basically if you want sweet, sappy teenaged gay romance there is this book and it is awesome. If you do read it, there is a point where you fear that a reveal is going to turn out really, really bad and I almost stopped reading. But it’s okay! The secret penfriend is someone else! (I nailed it but I though it was just wishful thinking)
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Theyre gone

We’re still here.

who said that

Sometimes I can still hear their voice…
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May 1st: Like always, introduce your Sole! What’s their SPECIAL, their likes, dislikes, are they romanced, what faction are they in. Tell everyone a little about them!

Quick screenshot of Nate as we’re hunting Coursers.

So, this is Nate, Nathaniel Brooks. Stats are (upon creation since he’s level 104 or something atm)

Strength: 1 Perception: 7 Endurance: 1 Charisma: 3 Intelligence: 10 Agility: 7 Luck: 1

Nate Loves: Helping people, random acts of kindness, blowing up anything pre-war (military is better), synths, deathclaws, the Commonwealth in general, Atom, Nick Valentine.

Nate Hates: The Institute (oh dear Atom that could be its own post), Shaun, anything pre-war that’s in any reasonably intact state, the pre-war world period, The Brotherhood of Steel, baby mirelurks, trauma related nervous breakdowns and eating disorders.

Very much in love with Nick Valentine.

Nate is very big into helping the Railroad and the Minutemen, hoped for a while that the Brotherhood would be of help but ha, no fucking way. Shot Shaun in the gut and laughed at him as he set the Institute to blow up.

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