May. 14th, 2017

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nah it’s more like the hunger games cause no one is happy with only participating we want to bathe in the blood of the nations that have wrong us
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What is your OC’s favorite color?  Nate loves red. He’s not sure why, or even if he needs a reason, but he has a lovely collection of red dresses that he’s very proud of.

Does your OC collect anything? What do they collect? Books mostly, and a smaller collection of nice clothes and makeup for special occasions. Nate and Nick are meticulous in saving books in the commonwealth, and they both love to read.

What kind of things is your OC allergic to? Nostalgia ;p not really anything.

What kind of clothing does your OC wear? A red dress, if he can, but when he’s out in the Commonwealth, he wears the Silver Shroud outfit, and a skull gas mask.

What is your OC’s first memory? It’s hard to place his patchwork memories in order, but Nate thinks the earliest one he has is of a Christmas. He remembers the lights, the christmas tree and the presents beneath. He remembers dancing with a woman, or tall girl, standing on her feet as they waltz slowly to Silent Night. He wonders who she was. Mother, aunt, sister?

What’s your OC’s favorite animal? Least favorite? Nate cements his lack of sanity by liking Deathclaws, although to be fair, they’re not hugely fast, can be seen from far away, and don’t always attack you. He really hates baby mirelurks, they’re really fast and almost impossible to hit until they start jumping at you. 

What element would your OC be? Water. Changable, glittering, and with dangerously deep currents.

What is your OC’s theme song? Bright Eyes, by Bridge and Tunnel. Also Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix.

Do you have a faceclaim / voiceclaim for your OC? I posted a picture of Nate before, and his voice is similar to his canon voice, only with a little more Boston accent, and just a hint of Louisiana there from his parents.

What deadly sin would best represent your OC? Wrath. Nate sometimes struggles with his emotions, he has no gears to control them and tends to just have to ride them out. He’s usually a very upbeat person, but his one real vice is his anger. It takes a lot to get him angry, but when he hates you- he has no mercy. He is utterly terrifying.

What are your OC’s hobbies? Reading when he can, if not, he likes making things. He makes weapons and armor out of necessity, but really loves making settlement necessities and luxuries.

How patient is your OC? How hot-headed are they? Not very patient at all. he doesn’t complain, but tends to get restless if he has to wait for anything, and goes off to do something else, even if it’s just pulling one of his guns apart for cleaning. Nate likes to be busy. As for hot-headed, if you manage to really piss him off, it’s less hot-headed and more trying to stop him going for your throat. 

What is your OC’s gender / sexuality / race / species / etc.? Gay male human. Mixed white creole/African American for ethnicity.

What foods does your OC like to eat? What are their least favorite foods? Ah yes, food. Nate’s favorite food, once upon a time, was his mother’s seafood gumbo. These days, if he can manage it, he actually likes radroach. It actually tastes rather nutty and quite sweet. He will never, ever eat bloatfly, once was quite enough.

If your OC could have any pet, what would they choose? Why? He’s very happy with Dogmeat. Dogs are friendly, loyal, incredibly useful and capable of looking after themselves. The perfect animal companion.

What does your OC smell like? Machine oil, cordite, hubflower tea.

How do they make a living? What kind of job do they want / not want? What is their dream job? What do they think of their current job? Nate has a lot of jobs, like most people in the Commonwealth. He helps out with the Minutemen, runs jobs for the Railroad, and takes the odd detective job with Nick, but in the end, he makes his living scavving. He’s good at it, likes it on the whole and it gives him the material and caps for the things he really loves.

What are your OC’s greatest fears? Weaknesses? Strengths? Losing his mind again is the main one, but losing his friends and loved ones is up there too. He’s vulnerable due to his PTSD and other issues, and is very creative and absolutely brilliant.

What kind of music do they listen to? Do they have a favorite song? Old school rock and roll ;) I push the fallout soundtrack to the 1960s, and Nate adores Jimi Hendrix. His favourite song is All Along the Watchtower.

If they came from their world to ours (if not already in our’s) how would they react? What would they do? Freak out completely. Eventually calm down and realise he hasn’t gone back in time and this world is not as bad as the one before, but would still very much want to go home. He’d probably find a way home, and if possible stock up on books and music to bring back with him.

What personal problems/issues do they have? Pet peeves? His struggles with his PTSD and eating disorder. He’s torn between trying to find out what he can about his past and therefore maybe understand what’s wrong with him and get better- and staying the hell away because whatever is in his memory, it ain’t good.

What kind of student were they/would they be in high school? A complete nerd. A really smart, not very socially skilled kid. It didn’t help that Nate had a lot of puppy fat until he was about fifteen and hit his first serious growth spurt. He was a bit of a bully magnet.

What is a random fact about your OC? He was on the swim team in college, and joined a dance club before going to university.

What is their outlook on life? What is their philosophy / what do they think in general about living? Determinedly upbeat. The world is getting better, every day. The worst is over and even if things are hard right now, the general slope is going up.

What inspired you to create them / how did you create them? Were they originally a fancharacter? What was their personality / design like when you first made them? Nate is my Fallout 4 character. I do have a little story featuring him that’s real world/urban fantasy, but right now he’s staying in Fallout. I originally created another character completely for fallout 4, but they didn’t fit at all and slowly, little by little morphed into Nate. I stopped the game, started a new file, and have been laying it over with Nate from the beginning.

Who is the most important person in their life? Why? Who is the least important to them (that still has an impact and why?) Definitely Nick. Best friend, boyfriend and general life partner, Nate is completely staggered that he’s manage d to meet someone that amazing. Least is probably Shaun. Nate actually gave up on finding him completely after about a month out of the vault, and only ran into him because he wanted to bring down the institute. Nate shoots him and leaves him to die.

What kind of childhood did your character have? A good one, he thinks. He was bullied a bit but it was fairly low key stuff, and his parents were kind. He can;t rememeber most of the details now, but the overall feel of it was happy.

What kind of nervous habits do they have? Do they stim? Do they have any kinds of addictions? Nate does need to keep busy, and he wills tart to fiddle with things if he doesn’t have anything to do.It’s a form of stimming, and he finds weapon care particularly nice to help him wind down. He doesn’t take drugs, even down to alcohol.

If they could choose their epitaph for their grave, what would they choose? Nate has no intention of dying (and leave Nick alone?)

Do they want to get married? Why or why not? Would they ever want kids? Do they have kids? Why? Nate might one day get married to Nick. He loves him, but marriage is- uncomfortable. With kids- after Shaun, Nate’s learnt his lesson. He is not father material, and he will never breed again. Synth!Shaun gets adopted by Sturges and Tinker Tom, with Mama Murphy as a grandma and Glory as a scary awesome aunt. Nate is, at best, a somewhat distant older brother.

What is their most traumatic memory/experience? What is their favorite memory? Ugh. The issue is picking one. There are a lot. Probably opening fire on unarmed civilians in a food riot. Or shooting down protesters from a vertibird. Or holding a family at gunpoint while the army- (Nate curls into a little ball and starts crying) His favourite memory is also a little hard to pick. Meeting Nick. Blowing up the Institute. but maybe the best will always be climbing out of Vault 111, seeing the sky for the first time and knowing down to his bones, that everything is going to be ok.

If they could have one thing in the world, what would it be? There isn’t a physical thing Nate wants, but he would give quite a lot to be healed. He loves the world, he wishes he could explore it without fear of panic attacks or starvation.

Would they ever kill someone? What would someone have to do to push them to kill someone? If they would kill someone, why?  Well, since this is the Commonwealth, usually try and kill him first. If they don’t, then they will need to be a clear and present threat to him or others.

What social groups and activities does your character attend? What role do they like to play? What role do they actually play, usually? Nate likes to join in with evening songs and stories around the campfire in Sanctuary. He’s got a very good voice and a massive repertoire of songs, so often gets asked to sing. Nate will do that, but he often prefers to take more of a background role as the audience, or just taking his turn int he storytelling.

How is your character’s imagination? Daydreaming a lot? Worried most of the time? Living in memories? Nate has a good imagination, and enjoys a bit of escapism in reading, but for the most part he stays here and now. His imagination draws him pictures of new settlements, potential weapons, how the spare parts he has fit together to make something new. He spends little time thinking of the past or the future.

What does your character want most? What do they need really badly, compulsively? What are they willing to do, to sacrifice, to obtain? He wants this to continue. He wants his life as it is, right now, to never end. Oh, he doesn’t mind change, that’s inevitable, but he just wants to keep living this life, with variations, for ever. And Nate has plans for that.

What’s something that your character does, that other people don’t normally do? Collect boxes of Abraxo Cleaning. he gets shit for that from everyone short of Nick and is getting really sick of explaining that Abraxo Cleaner has acid. Acid goes in to making bullets. Bullets go into guns and keep us alive. Next person who tries to make fun of him is not getting any more bullets ever.

What would your character do with a million dollars? Wipe his arse. LOL. paper money is pretty useless. At least caps are aluminium and therefore pretty damp useful just as raw metal.

What is in your characters refrigerator right now? On their bedroom floor? Nightstand? Garbage can? Nate doesn’t have a fridge, but he keeps a few eggs and mutifruit in a coldbox next to his house. Books on the floor, and maybe a few items of clothing. The one table in his house has a small shrine to Atom on it. Nate doesn’t throw anything away and would probably re-purpose the garbage can as a lightweight turret.

Your character is getting ready for a night out. Where are they going? What do they wear? Who will they be with? Most likely the Third Rail, Nate loves Magnolia’s singing. He’s in a nice red dress, heels and has a couple of red tassels hanging off his gun. He’ll be with Nick, of course.

What does your character do when they’re angry? Why? Scream and throw things if he can’t do anything about it, Nate has a hot temper and needs to let off steam. he tries to go somewhere quiet and throw rocks if he can. If there is something he can do- Nate goes very, very cold, becoming frighteningly meticulous. The Institute survivors thought he was a Courser up until the end.

Does your character have any scars? Where did they get them from?  Quite a few. This isn’t the easiest life. Nate has a half dozen scars on his face, a lot more on his hands from making things, and a handful across his body. He also has a brand on his cheek in the shape of Atom, and a small tattoo over his heart. It’s a little blue heart, with an arrow in it ;)

What was the most offensive thing your character had ever said? Probably a hell of a lot to the Brotherhood and the Institute, but in terms of someone Nate actually gave a damn about- he’s not always the most tactful person and has blundered a few times with Nick. He once made a snide remark as to old Nick Valentine being white, and Nick shot him down pretty hard. Nate was mortified at himself. (old Nick was Korean)

How does your character react/ accept criticism? For the most part, very well. He will consider all criticism, even from people he loathes in case they might be onto something. That doesn’t always help them, thought. (’traitor’ Shaun screams. ‘Yes!” Nate laughs.)

If your character was given a slice of pineapple pizza and they HAD to eat it (or something bad would happen), how would they react? Do they even LIKE pineapple pizza? Nate doesn’t mind the flavor, but this is more food than he’d eat in two days. He manages to get the slice down, his brain kicks into overload, his stomach heaves and it all comes out again.

Your character is given a voodoo doll of themself. What do they do with it? Do they see if it actually works? Oh wow! Nate immediately shows it to everyone. It’s a little voodoo doll! He suddenly remembers a visit to his grandmother in New Orleans and seeing these hanging in a little Marie Laveau house. He puts it up beside his bed and likes looking at it.

Can your character draw? What do they like to draw? Do they doodle? Not really. He can do blueprints but people and living things are harder. He likes art though, and enjoys watching Preston paint.

What were their parents like? How has that affected how they are as an adult? they were kind, and supportive. They started his love of reading and music, and a strong social awareness of privilege and oppression. they also betrayed him utterly when he needed them the most, so there’s that too.

Does your character like candy? Do they get sugar rushes? What are they like when they get a rush? No. Nate does not like candy. He thought it was just his general avoidance of pre-war food, but then Curie got a hive of bees and they had honey and it was so sweet he thought the roof of his mouth was going to peel off so- no.

If your character was presented with imminent and unavoidable death/fatality, how would they react? Would they try to avoid death anyways? Would they try to make their last days count? Nate would not give up, he would keep fighting to the end but, if it was clear there was nothing he could do- he would be very calm. He’s already faced the worst thing that could happen to him, and death doesn’t come close. It’s even something of a reassurance, knowing that once it’s over- no one could hurt him again. He’d be sad about leaving his loved ones behind and would try and be there for them, but in the end, he wouldn’t be afraid.
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(I don’t have a Nate RP blog so let’s just imagine this is one)

Things are well. I wanted to ask your opinion on something. (Nate shifts, looking uncertain). What do you think about- transhumanism? If you could- blur the line between synth and human. Without hurting anyone! Almost no one! No one who isn’t already dead- and deserved it. (in an undertone)

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a a while and asking Nick is- well, there’s reasons why not. I know the Institute’s views on it but I wouldn’t trust them to tell me the sky was blue. I thought you might be the person to ask. It’s- it’s something that’s becoming increasingly important.

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