May. 17th, 2017

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Do they ever say that Wall-e is a boy and Eve is a girl or did we all just get sucked into the void of heteronormativity

wall-e is my gay garbage daughter and eve is her electro-butch girlfriend

Or Wall-E is our gay trashboi, and Eve is the camp cutieboy he meets in an Apple shop.
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DiMA flattens his crest indignantly, albeit with a twinkle in his birds eye. As shiny and cute as that might be though it pales in comparison to the glow of that symbol on Nate’s coat.. a strange change comes over him, whatever he’d been thinking about before fades to the background as he fixates on that one glittering point, beady eyed.“Present for pretty bird?” He asks, doing his best to be cute while not so subtly coveting the shiny prize.
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There’s a very good article on Cracked about messages Hollywood sends to men. Basically if you ever thought ‘hey, men are disenfranchised in the patriarchy too!’ and then reeled back in horror after discovering MRAs, this is a nice alternative.

This thing that got me thinking what the last point they made- than men die a hell of a lot more in movies as just background goons. We don’t get many background female goons for batman, Iron Man or whoever to go through like swiss cheese, and on the surface I thought- yeah, it would be weird to see women get blasted to bits by a dude.

But then I thought about it.

See, and this is going back to Fallout for a minute. I’m playing through as Nate, and Nate is a guy. But Fallout 4 does not care a fig about this and generates goons with randomly determined appearance, ethnicity and gender. 

So for the last few weeks, of all the Gunners, raiders, Rust Devils, Institute arseholes, trappers, etc etc that Nate’s been chewing through, at least 50% of them have been female. And this has been the same whether it’s Fallout, Skyrim, Mass Effect, all the way back to Baldur’s Gate which had plenty of female antagonists to turn into pincushions.

And it didn’t feel bad, because these characters were primarily threats. It didn’t feel like it justified violence against women because if a woman is wearing an outfit 50% BDSM gear and 50% roadsign and is jumping at you with a handheld chainsaw, I think as a feminist you should be allowed to blow her away with a tricked out combat rifle and rifle her corpse for ammo. But that’s just me.

IDK, but I’d have thought Hollywood would look into that when doing a casting call for ‘Goon 213, to be punched in face and impaled on spike by hero.’

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