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Name: Morgane
Nicknames: None, unless you count Skull Bearer. The only nickname I know for Morgane is morg, and that’s hardly complimentary.
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 175cm (fuck off I’m french)
Nationality: French
Favorite Fruit: Lychees, Mangosteens and watermelon. Yay the tropics.
Favorite Season: UK autumn.
Favorite Book: Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Hands down, no contest, everyone else go home. That book is the best book ever written in terms of pure language.
Favorite Flower: Oriental lilies. So many memories connected to those smells (my first foray into D&D and computer games)
Favorite Color: Deep blue
Favorite Animal: Spotted hyena. They rock. I hate the Lion King (bloody fascist subtext)
Dog or Cat person: Cat, but I love them both. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to care for a dog so cat it is.
Favorite Fictional Character: Crumbs, that’s a hard one. Nate is great, but I also love Rudy and Kai from my fuck-you-HP-Lovecraft series, X6, Tony Stark and- I could keep going. I still love Raistlin and Dalamar and can’t bear to list that fic as abandoned after all these years, Erik Lehnsherr is my love, I heart Tom Riddle, and frankly I could go back to Skeksil the Chamberlain from when I was five fucking years old. I don’t grow out of these guys.

Blog Created: January 2013. But it’s just been my latest hole. I’ve been in fandom since 2002.

Number of Followers: 562
Random Fact: I’m going to live in Vietnam in a month and as a result my father will only communicate with me in Vietnam war movie quotes. I hate Vietnam war movies because the erase the Vietnamese. I may have to communicate to him entirely in Vietnamese in response.

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