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Looking at the city lights

LOL I saw that and though that was the light show on hong kong island.
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Today the Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena is marveling at this tree in Hong Kong whose vast roots have grown along the tiny gaps in the paving stones that surround it, recreating their pattern.

Photo by Clément Bucco-Lechat. Click here to view it full-size.

[via Twisted Sifter]

I see this everywhere lol. Basically all the trees to this. Also this tree:
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-The smog is lighter today, you can see new skyscrapers in the distance. Were they there last week? Wasn’t that one on the Island? You don’t know.

-The old men look at out from the street corner. The game they are playing in ancient, cracked, the pieces anonymous. It could be chess, Go, anything. They are there every day. You’ve seen them all your life. They haven’t changed in 50 years.

-You leave your apartment and go down to the mall int he elevator. Your drop your kids off at the funroom. You scuttle quickly through the stripping sun to the comfort and four walls of the MTR. At least you won’t have to go outside at the other end. The sun is too bright today.

-A new restaurant opens. You don’t recognise the name. You don’t recognise the food. You go in anyway. The waitress smiles a little too brightly, showing her teeth. The anonymous soup is like nothing you’ve ever tasted. You look for it again next time you’re in the area. Something new is there in its place.

-You take the MTR two stops in three minutes. You get out. It’s a nice day. You walk home. Three days later, you’re still walking, you’re maybe within ten miles of the next stop.
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Going out for our first anniversary dinner to the 33rd best restaurant in Hong Kong (there are over 30,000 restaurants in all so holy shit that’s good) having an amazing meal and having our bill paid (and many shots offered) by the  adjacent table of poly Israeli diamond merchants.

This happened,

The restaurant is Yardbird, in central. It is amazing. If you are reading this, poly Israeli diamond merchants, you are amazing too.

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