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Cause I got followed by the cutest little non verbal synth and only followed back because I checked my followers tab. Nothing in notifications.

Tumblr hates synths. Burn their house down.
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 I’ll tell you:

The first character I first fell in love with: The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: The character everyone else loves that I don’t: The character I love that everyone else hates: The character I used to love but don’t any longer:The character I would totally smooch: The character I’d want to be like: The character I’d slap: A pairing that I love:A pairing that I despise: 
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TRUE TEA: What do you think about Truscum?

[Full Video Here]

SUBSCRIBE to  Kat Blaque :

It really has nothing to do with being a gatekeeper, @katblaque. The reason a lot of trans people are concerned with whether or not someone is experiencing dysphoria isn’t as a way to determine whether or not they’re “legitimately” trans or “authentically” trans - it’s because these people who don’t experience dysphoria literally have a very different concept of what it is to be trans and shouldn’t be allowed to speak for all of us. A person that identifies as trans but doesn’t experience dysphoria is going to have a completely different definition of what it is to be trans and that definition is not going to line up with trans people who live their lives with and experience a constant gender dysphoria.

Their appropriation of our terminology and our condition/state of being whatever you want to call it as trans people is actively harming the way we are perceived by people who don’t know a lot about trans issues. It’s actively harming our ability to transition and our safety by making relations with cisgendered people, even those within the LGBT community more strained. People who claim they’re trans without experiencing dysphoria are a lot like the Rachel Dolezal’s of the trans world; they want all the perceived “perks” of being trans without actually having to experience what it is we go through and what we live with.

@thesocialjusticecourier Speaking as one of those people, you’re correct in the narrow view that trans people who do not have dysphoria have a different concept of what it is to be trans than you.

You are incorrect in that you presume we want to speak for you or that our definition does not contain yours.

Transness is nebulous and ambiguous. There is more than one way to be trans. Being trans and experiencing dysphoria is one such way. Being trans and no longer experiencing dysphoria because you’ve begun transition/have transitioned is another. Being trans and not having begun transition is another. Being trans and not being interested in transition is another. None of these are more or less of a priority than the rest.

The moment you use the word ‘appropriation’ you are making a gatekeeping argument. The moment you bring up Rachel Dolezal you are implying that some people are faking their identity. It is impossible to make that argument without necessarily implying that some people call theirselves trans when they shouldn’t, and asserting yourself as an authority on who they are. You can say that it has nothing to do with gatekeeping, and maybe you can even believe it, but the fact remains that your argument assumes as part of its foundation that there is one true way to be trans. You can’t turn people away from the city without keeping the gate.

The argument from perception, however unintentionally, makes the common mistake of legitimizing the transphobe’s argument. Many transphobic people tell all trans people they’re faking, that they’re appropriating terms they shouldn’t, that they want the ‘perks’ of being something without knowing what it’s like to be that thing. You might recognize it if I swap ‘transness’ with ‘sex’. It’s the TERF party line.

And the counterargument to this is ‘yes, but not all of us’?

And you think this helps your chances of becoming recognized as valid?

I keep becoming reminded of an admittedly problematic joke that I’m going to adapt for this situation: Person A walks up to person B and asks them if they would do something for five dollars. Person B says no. Person A then raises the hypothetical price to ten million dollars. Person B thinks about it, and says yes. Person A says, what about twenty dollars, and person B, indignant, says ‘what kind of person do you think I am?’

Person A replies, ‘We’ve established what kind of person you are. Now we’re just haggling over the price.’

The TERF argument wants to see all trans people violently eradicated. Your argument merely wants to see some trans people violently eradicated. All you’re doing is haggling over the price.

I don’t care how special-snowflake tumblrina nondysphoric made-up-gender bunself-pronouned you are, you get through the gate, because we do not tell people how to experience their own gender. I don’t care how beneficial it seems to throw vulnerable members of our group under the bus — and they are vulnerable, so vulnerable that we’re not even in agreement that they deserve our help, let alone what cis people will do to them on top of that — in exchange for more safety or security or whatever benefit you think we might get from it.

Because again, you’re just haggling over the price. And if we do throw this contingent of trans people under the bus, guess what, we still have one group that wants to eradicate all trans people, and they’ve partially succeeded, and the new group is going to have a vulnerable radical fringe to attack next. If you shave off the bunself-pronoun-users, you still have general nondysphorics. If you shave off the nondysphorics, you still have nonbinary people. If you shave them off, you just have binary, dysphoric, trans people. Eventually, perhaps, gay and lesbian organizations don’t feel so bad about dropping the T from their support, and we’re out in the wilderness. The group of acceptable trans people gets smaller and easier to ignore, oppress, and control.

And you’re probably looking at that and going, hey, wait, I wouldn’t want to go that far. And you’re right. You don’t want to go that far. They do. The TERFs and transphobes of the world, the ones you’re trying to appease. They do. 

And you’re helping them get what they want.

Think about that for a moment, will you? Think about what it really means to accept the premise that some trans people are fakers appropriating their identity.

And then name your price.

This is such a well written response that I cosign completely. 
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Thor de France


@richardrider, @usenecessaryforce
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I think a big part of the reason I love cryptids is that they’re literally the only subgenre of conspiracy theories where you can be reasonably assured it isn’t secretly about hating Jews. Like, when people talk about aliens or lizard people or sinister banking cabals, at least 80% of the time when you look up the foundational literature it’s a bunch of Antisemitic rot and “lizard people” is just a codephrase for “Jews”, but there are very few neo-Fascist whackjobs out there claiming that Bigfoot is Jewish.

I think a friend of my found an intersection of this where it was claimed Jews cause crop circles. 

I love this because I love the image of orthodox rabbis walking in circles in a field.
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like i get the Joke or whatever but i’m here to be that annoying reminder that autism exists and all of you are complicit in ableism re: the babadook 

the movie is… pretty…clearly about ableism? her son is autistic- that’s why he’s bullied, that’s why he has meltdowns and sensory issues and doesn’t pick up on social cues, that’s why he’s ‘annoying’, that’s why her sister just Hates him- and she’s your typical autism mom. she takes it all out on her son, she hates that she gave birth to a child that was fucked up and Wrong and lost her husband in the process, she doesn’t have enough ‘support’, nobody understands, etc. he’s annoying and loud and complicated and she hates him the way some of you in the audience did. 

the babadook is her hatred of him, her inability to accept his autism, etc. that’s why she tries to kill him(the way so many autism moms do, the way autism speaks tries defend), that’s why she tries to physically abuse it out of him, that’s why she has to ‘feed the monster’ every so often (the way autism moms™ have their ‘mom days’ to complain about how much they can’t stand their kid, how sometimes they wish they’d never been born, how they consider drowning them in kiddie pools bc it’d be ‘kinder’, the way that famous anti-vaxxers report having to go stand in rooms and throw shit at walls to avoid hitting their kid)

it’s…really apparent to me as an autistic person and it is so many others, too? sam has to protect his mother from the babadook. he’s terrified of it (her)- the movie even makes clear that she was the one that wrote the book. she tries to kill both herself and sam (glass in the food). she becomes more and more unstable, aggressive, and violent, and sam’s response as an autistic child is to mirror what he sees. his meltdowns increase, he has less support, he spends all his time latching on to the remnants of the only person he has. 

like it’s…idk, really uncomfortable for me to see all these allistic people first making fun of how annoying the (autistic) kid was, and misinterpreting the movie to a frankly astounding degree, and then the Joke is that straight people don’t get how he’s a ~gay icon~ (which… many of the people in the first few posts from which the meme comes were autistic…. )

idk. it’s really weird for me to see allistics carry on with this elaborate lgbt icon joke by laughing in the faces of people that don’t understand why, when half of us are autistic… being mocked for not understanding a movie…about ableism…by allistic people. the mind boggles. 

i mean whatever its a joke gay babadook etc but y’all didn’t even get it the first time and you’re joyfully, self-assuredly ableist all the time so it’s really weird that this is just kind of drowning out all of the #actuallyautistic posts i was enjoying reading in the tag but i mean, allistics will be allistics, i guess 

P L E A S E stop with the babbadook is a gay icon stuff. Good alternatives:
-any cryptid cryptids are gay

the Babadook is cancelled


I did not know this and was planning to see the movie…thank you for the heads up

I never saw the movie and heard very little about it. Thank you for telling me.

Stop telling people how to interpret a movie and making them feel bad for finding a meaning that related to them. It can be both. Stop your shitty guilt-tripping.

- an autistic queer.
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John was a soldier huddled in the trenches facing No Man’s Land, feeling the most wretched he had ever been. He was cold and hungry, overwhelmed with the stench of unwashed bodies and infected wounds, the nearly endless rounds of gunfire and grenade explosions, the screams of the dying.

Sometimes he felt as if he would never again know the taste of bread and a proper cuppa tea, to breathe in air that was not foully tainted by the Enemy’s noxious poisons. Sometimes he felt that they were all under the pitiless gaze of some great Eye, naked in the Dark.

And then he heard an American voice say, “Don’t you understand? This is No Man’s Land. That means no man may cross it.”

And thus, John’s attention was captured by the hooded figure the American was speaking to. She dropped the cloak to reveal armor, that her hands carried a sword and a shield, and she ascended the ladder with steps swift and sure. John would always remember these words, though she herself had never said them aloud, but her actions spoke clear as day:

“I am no man.”

There she stood, a shining figure in the middle of No Man’s Land, facing the Enemy and drawing their fire, beautiful as the dawn, terrible as the sea, stronger than all the foundations of the Earth.

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien does not remember how he scrambled up the ladder to follow after her, only that he and his fellow soldiers followed in Her wake, to fight by her side and onwards to victory.

That is the best headcanon for a movie I haven’t seen yet.
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It’s called Booster Buddy, it’s free, and it’s available for both Android and iOS.

It works by giving you ‘quests’ (daily tasks) that you are encouraged to complete each day. They are very small things and it caters to you (it asks you questions at the start about what you struggle with).

It’s designed to be child friendly and easy to understand. I’m finding it really helpful. You can also input medication times for a reminder and emergency contact details.

I love this app and I had to share it with you all!

thank you for this.

“PLEASE come wake me up again tomorrow”…think of all the lives this app could save

I’ve got this app and seriously it really helps. Not only do you have a calendar to record medication and feelings but you also want to wake up every morning to help the animal. It pretty much made my life better.


SO GUYS. Reblogging from myself because I just downloaded the app and it’s got some really useful features.

In the Settings section, there is a list of Helpful Websites for a variety of different mental health issues. The list is short, but it is a great idea.

The app has you input information (which you can choose not to share) like your local emergency number, local hospital, and an emergency contact person.

There are plenty of activities to keep you going in the right direction.

There is a calendar function and a medication reminder if you need one– and if you have an “as needed” medication, the app can remind you to take them if you check in in “Crisis” mode.

You can edit or change your information at any time, including your symptoms.

Also, less useful but really cute, you can dress up your animal buddy as you do more activities.

TL;DR This app is adorable and will probably be really, really useful for a lot of people.


I just downloaded this app this morning and it’s A M A Z I N G. I’m not overstating. This app combines some of the best elements and methods from all the various apps I’ve tried.

The two features that I haven’t seen elsewhere in mental health apps that I especially love are:

- It lets you choose a cute animal friend as a companion to keep you socially motivated. To “wake up” and play with this friend, you need to complete 3 wellness tasks (that are super simple and easy), once you’ve done your daily checkin tasks, the cute animal wakes up to play with you. You can tickle it, talk to it, and even play dress up!! Much more motivating than apps that try to make you feel connected to real people, IMO.

- It includes a “calendar” feature (not a big overwhelming calendar like a normal app) that lets you add your own tasks to your daily checklist. So now, along with “checked in,” “completed quests,” and “take medication” I have an extra task that’s alerting me to the fact that I have an important phone call coming up. It made me describe this as “appointment”: “An appointment means someone is counting on you to be somewhere.” I think that might be the most motivating description of an appointment ever. As an anxious person who tends to cancel and reschedule everything, this app is already making me feel better.

A+++++++++ plz download now guys

Reblogging for anyone who might find this useful, or who knows someone who would!

Gonna add on because I was using this app for awhile and I should really go back to it:

The tasks are indeed catered to you, but are also catered to how you feel when you check in. So if you’re not feeling good, it’s not going to ask you to do something like, say, find a local event and go visit it. Instead, it will be something like ‘eat a fruit’, or ‘list three things that you’re proud of yourself for’.

Likewise, if you’re feeling pretty good, the app kind of challenges you to do something a little more demanding-which, of course you can refuse (unless it’s a list quest, you usually have a ‘I can’t do this right now’ button that will offer you an alternative quest after alternative quest).

And when you wake your buddy up, they give you an inspiring quote!

Finally, about the calendar: you can actually look back on your progress. Besides giving you stamps when you complete the day’s quests and remember to take your meds, clicking on a past date will also tell you what mood you were in when you checked in that day. So it’s a great record to help you establish what’s helping you and what’s not.

Like everyone else, I seriously recommend this app!

This sounds life-saving. Also, as someone who literally forgets things exist unless they’re in front of my face (executive disfunction? probably) this will probably be helpful.

So I was going to reblog this anyway, because I love this app, but the developer is the Vancouver Island Health Authority, which is where I live, which I found really interesting!

Hi! So um. @cam2209. You said earlier today that you’re not feeling very well, my dude. I don’t mean to sound demanding, or like a therapist, but I’m a little worried about you. Would you maybe look into this? It could help!
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via in: life inside the 'coffin cubicles' of Hong Kong – in pictures:


The photographs highlight the reality of Hong Kong’s housing crisis, where tens of thousands of people live in these cramped conditions because they can’t afford anything else

this is what being ranked number 1 ‘freest economy’ means

For what it’s worth, this is illegal and there is a lot of awareness raising about it. You see buses with notices about ‘report subdivided flats!’ on them. A block of these where recently evacuated near where I live and the people resettled in apartments. 

There were protests about the fact these apartments were further away due to the rent cost. It’s complicated.
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Nate is in some ancient basement where he finally finally finally found that fucking holotape and he’s copying it to his pipboy because no way is he ever losing it again. And he’s playing it, this slow ancient rock and roll three hundred years gone, echoing around an dusty old concrete bunker. And Nate has his eyes closed, just swaying very slowly to the rhythm, and feeling it jar up little scraps of memory, sensation. Savoring the memories it brings up as much as the music itself.
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You can leave your hat on

When ur punk rock but still gotta go to shul

Punk rock is totally kosher.
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You headcanon a character as loving a music album, but it’s not one you know. You listen to it and there’s this weird mixed sense of familiarity and novelty.

Having OCs is weird.
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Does your character have siblings or family members in their age group? Which one are they closest with? Not currently. Nate isn’t sure if he ever had siblings. He thinks he had an older female relative, but whether it was an older sister, cousin, or very young aunt- or even just a family friend- is beyond him.

What is/was your character’s relationship with their mother like? Nate’s mother was kind, patient. She was a rather more withdrawn person, quiet and understated, but very firm. Nate thinks she was closer to her, he has more memories of her than his father, at least. He remembers watching her cook, dress, put on makeup.

What is/was your character’s relationship with their father like? Nate’s father was a bit more distant, but was very supportive. He was very proud of Nate’s intelligence, his interests in engineering and subversive music. The last one was the main thing they could bond over. Unfortunately, his love was very subjective. 

Has your character ever witnessed something that fundamentally changed them? If so, does anyone else know? Beside obviously the pills, there was the bombs, but more recently, there was the Institute. Nate is trying to get back to normal, but he isn’t quite the same person. He’s quieter, sick of anger and hate, a little tired.

On an average day, what can be found in your character’s pockets? Lighters, string, wonderglue, spare bullets, a packet of cigarettes for Nick, a little makeup, doggy treats for Dogmeat, screws. Nate has big pockets and you can find almost anything inside them, up to and including eggs. Once, Nate felt something move inside his pocket, reached in, and found a chick.

Does your character have recurring themes in their dreams? They tend to be rather vague and strange, flowing landscapes, people who are simultaneously three other people, strange colours ebbing and flowing. It’s very peaceful, and Nate always wakes from those dreams happy.

Does your character have recurring themes in their nightmares? Unlike the dreams, these are very, very vivid, and tend to center around his memories. These days, they bounce between terrible things happening to him (usually involving pills) or Nick (usually involving the Institute).

Has your character ever fired a gun? If so, what was their first target? Nate fired a gun at a very young age, his parents were from Louisiana and it was considered pretty much a rite of passage. He was about eleven, and his father took him out to go duck hunting. Nate fired a lot, hit precisely no ducks, and had a great time. These days, he’s managed to kill a Behemoth with a single shot.

Is your character’s current socioeconomic status different than it was when they were growing up? Nate doesn’t really have a socioeconomic status now. When he was growing up, he was lower middle class, .

Does your character feel more comfortable with more clothing, or with less clothing? Less clothes usually ;) he wears light armor and clothes when out in the Commonwealth, and enjoys wearing dresses when he can.

In what situation was your character the most afraid they’ve ever been? Probably when he was arrested, in the nightclub. He was only seventeen, and was absolutely certain he was about to be shot.

In what situation was your character the most calm they’ve ever been? When they took down the Prydwen. It was the right thing to do, he knew exactly what he was doing, he was calm, steady and afterwards- it felt like he was surfacing after a long time underwater.

Is your character bothered by the sight of blood? If so, in what way? Not really, Nate has seen a lot, and besides, blood and gore and bones  are completely innocent compared with other things he have seen.

Does your character remember names or faces easier? Names, he’s not great with faces, although in the Commonwealth, people tend to be a little more memorable, not having any styles to emulate, so that helps.

Is your character preoccupied with money or material possession? Why or why not? No, he tends to throw caps around pretty casually. Money is for doing things with, and he will happily build things and buy things for his friends and family.

Which does your character idealize most: happiness or success? Happiness, absolutely. He would happily have a quieter life in order to be happy. He actually gave up finding Shuan, because he didn’t want to risk what he had.

What was your character’s favorite toy as a child? Nate has no idea. Now he’s pissed off for having that too taken from him. He thinks his family had a bicycle and he liked it, but that’s pretty vague. 

Is your character more likely to admire wisdom, or ambition in others? Wisdom, definitely. He’s rather suspicious of ambition, people seem to be very easily corrupted by it.

What is your character’s biggest relationship flaw? Has this flaw destroyed relationships for them before? He tends to be very blunt and tactless, and has sometimes hurt Nick by accident due to this.

In what ways does your character compare themselves to others? Do they do this for the sake of self-validation, or self-criticism?  Definitely in being a good person, for self criticism. Nate likes being around good people like Nick and Preston because it helps give him a better idea of what he needs to be like.

If something tragic or negative happens to your character, do they believe they may have caused or deserved it, or are they quick to blame others? I think Nate would blame himself first, but would have a better idea as to responsibility as time goes on. He tends to be fair on himself and others.

What does your character like in other people? Kindness, generosity, selflessness. 

What does your character dislike in other people? Ambition, arrogance, selfishness and casual cruelty.

How quick is your character to trust someone else? A little too quick, as Nate learned with the Brotherhood and, to some extend, Deacon.

How quick is your character to suspect someone else? Does this change if they are close with that person? He tends not to, Nate tends to be a little naive at times, but if they do break that trust, he finds it very hard to forget.

How does your character behave around children? Not so well, Nate is still very young himself, and hasn’t had much experience with children. He tends to treat them like small adults, which tends to work.

How does your character normally deal with confrontation? Depends on the confrontation, with misunderstandings, Nate tries to deescalate, but if they are a threat, he will get violent very quickly.

How quick or slow is your character to resort to physical violence in a confrontation? Either he will try and talk people down, or his will be the first shot fired.

What did your character dream of being or doing as a child? Did that dream come true? Building things, creating new technology, building a better world. This is pretty much what he is doing, so it’s just fine.

What does your character find repulsive or disgusting? Bloatflies for the most part, arrogance, but the worst is mindless obedience. He’s been there, it terrifies him.

Describe a scenario in which your character feels most comfortable. He and Nick and Dogmeat are walking through the Glowing Sea, everything is very clear, very still, nothing for miles. Everything is quiet. He pulls Nick against him, kisses him, it’s wonderful.

Describe a scenario in which your character feels most uncomfortable. Nate is in a noisy place, there is a storm, he cannot see, people are trying to kill him, he is alone. 

In the face of criticism, is your character defensive, self-deprecating, or willing to improve? Usually happy to improve, he knows he’s not always that great, and wants to be better.

Is your character more likely to keep trying a solution/method that didn’t work the first time, or immediately move on to a different solution/method? It depends how many spoons he’s got left. Usually no, he can stop and rethink what he is doing. If he is low on spoons though, he tends to burn out and find it hard to chance track.

How does your character behave around people they like? Lots of praise, lots of kind words and sweet banter. Nate will not be mean or unpleasant to them, or even tease for fear they’d take it the wrong way or it would come out wrong.

How does your character behave around people they dislike? Distant, a bit snarky, deadpan. He just wants to get away from them.

Is your character more concerned with defending their honor, or protecting their status? Honor, although Nate has a loose grasp of that, he has an even weaker view of status. I would say neither were too important.

Is your character more likely to remove a problem/threat, or remove themselves from a problem/threat? Most threats to him are threats to other people, he removes the threat, if it’s an animal, he might avoid it though.

Has your character ever been bitten by an animal? How were they affected (or unaffected)? A lot in the Commonwealth. He knows these animals are threats, and takes care.

How does your character treat people in service jobs? Very well. If you are shitty to someone in a service position, you don’t get service.

Does your character feel that they deserve to have what they want, whether it be material or abstract, or do they feel they must earn it first? Nate does think he’s gone through enough, he should have some nice things. To be fair, he doesn’t need much. He just wants to quiet life as a scavver and engineer, and spend time with Nick.

Has your character ever had a parental figure who was not related to them? Not really. He views most people as equals regardless of age these days, and cannot remember much from before the war.

Has your character ever had a dependent figure who was not related to them? Well, synth Shaun, and that was a complete trainwreck. Nate had just shot human Shaun, and didn’t want another kid. Tinker Tom adopted the kid.

How easy or difficult is it for your character to say “I love you?” Can they say it without meaning it? Easy, Nate loves saying it. He loves saying it.

What does your character believe will happen to them after they die? Does this belief scare them? Nate believes he will die, and there is nothing else. Sometimes he wonders about what will happen to his body, if it will go through division and become part of something greater. regardless, he won’t know about it. He doesn’t mind, it sounds peaceful, and there will be nothing more, good or bad.
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Nate would like to be better. He doesn’t really care how it happens, if he has to forget, or have to remember. He doesn’t want to go through it, but just wants to be there, better, done. He wants to be able to eat without having panic attacks, or being sick. He Wants to stop having nightmare. He wants to be able to enjoy his life without having this- the huge weight dragging him down. And it is a weight, he is so very tired.
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Dear Fanfiction Readers,

If you’re afraid to leave a review/comment because you think it’ll sound stupid, don’t be. Just leave an incoherent reply in all caps. We love that shit.


A Fic Writer that needs constant validation. 

Just fuckin’ slam your head on the keyboard in the comment box. We’re writers. We’ll interpret it.
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False blame - and with an undercurrent of racism. 

Just noticed the excellent lead comment: 

…in the US, the landlord supplies the major appliances like the fridge and oven (though you can rent units without them, it’s not common) , and is responsible for maintenance and replacement of them, so it would still be their liability if a faulty fridge sparked a fire.

Is that not the case in the UK?

It depends on the flat and landlord, flats can be provided furnished or unfurnished and you may need to provide your own white goods.
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Okay, so there are plenty of these out there but I just wanted to make one of my own! (That, and I’m high-key desperate for asks about my OCs lol) Just tag your OCs so people can ask you these!

1. What do they smell like?

2. What is their voice like?

3. What is their biggest motivator?

4. What is their most embarrassing memory?

5. How do they deal with/react to pain?

6. What do they like to wear?

7. Which of their relationships have impacted them most positively?

8. What’s the weirdest thing they’ve ever eaten?

9. Describe the way that they sleep.

10. What is their favorite food/kind of food?

11. What do they feel most insecure about? 

12. How do they like to dress?

13. How do they react to feelings of guilt?

14. How do they react to/deal with betrayal?

15. What is their greatest achievement?

16. What are they like when they’ve gotten too little sleep?

17. What are they like when they’re drunk?

18. What kind of music do they enjoy?

19. Are they right or left handed?

20. Fears?

21. Favorite kind of weather?

22. Favorite color?

23. Do they collect anything?

24. Do they prefer either hot or cold weather more?

25. What is their eye color?

26. What is their race/ethnicity?

27. Hair color?

28. Are they happy where they are currently?

29. Are they a morning person?

30. Sunrise or sunset?

31. Are they more messy or more organized?

32. Pet peeves?

33. Do they own any objects of significant personal importance?

34. Least favorite food?

35. Least favorite color?

36. Least favorite smell?

37. When was the last time they cried?

38. Were they with anybody the last time they cried?

39. Tell us about one of the times they got injured?

40. Do they have any scars?

41. Do they struggle with any mental health issues?

42. Do they have any bad habits?

43. Why might someone dislike them?

44. Why might someone love them?

45. Do they believe in ghosts?

46. Is there anyone they would trust with their lives?

47. Are they romantically interested in anyone?

48. Are they dating/married to anyone?

49. Do they like surprises?

50. When is their birthday?

51. How do they usually celebrate their birthday?

52. Do they have any family?

53. Are they close to their family?

54. What is their MBTI type?

55. What is their zodiac sign?

56. What Hogwarts House would they be in?

57. What D&D alignment are they?

58. Do they ever have nightmares? If so, what about?

59. What are their views on death?

60. What is something that they’re sure to laugh at?

61. When bored, how do they pass time?

62. Do they enjoy being outside?

63. Do they have an accent?

64. Upon seeing a slice of chocolate cake, what is their first reaction?

65. If they knew they were going to die, what would they do/say?

66. How do they feel about sex?

67. What is their sexuality?

68. Do they become squeamish at the sight of blood?

69. Is there anything that they find really gross?

70. Which TV Trope(s) best describes them?

71. Do they enjoy helping people?

72. Are they allergic to anything?

73. Do they have a pet?

74. Are they quick to anger? What are they like when they loose their temper?

75. How patient are they?

76. Are they good at cooking?

77. Favorite insult? Do they insult people often?

78. How do they act when they’re particularly happy?

79. What do they do when they learn about other people’s fears?

80. Are they trustworthy?

81. Do they try to hide their emotions? Are they good at it?

82. Do they exercise regularly?

83. Are they comfortable with the way they look?

84. What are some physical features that they find attractive on people?

85. What kind of personalities do they find attractive?

86. Do they like sweet foods?

87. What is their age?

88. Are they tall or short or somewhere in between?

89. Do they wear glasses or contacts?

90. Do they consider themselves attractive?

91. What is their sense of humor like?

92. What mood are they most often in?

93. What kinds of things anger them?

94. Outlook on life?

95. What kind of things make them sad/depressed?

96. What is their greatest weakness?

97. What is the greatest strength?

98. Something that they regret?

99. Biggest accomplishment?

100. Create your own!
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25 Questions For Your D&D Characters and OCs

What is this character’s alignment?  Chaotic good.Nate is very dedicated to helping people, and equally dedicated to stamping out authority. His ideal is a world in independent, loosely connected anarchy. He is completely the CG character in the D&D alignment and kitties comic (Maybe with a NG Nick in the background quietly facepalming).

What is a notable quote from this character? Alternatively, what is their favorite quote? Since Nate has just blown up the Institute, I’ll just go with what he shouted as he popped up in front of Ayo’s front desk. Broad, manic smile. “HIYA ASSHOLE!” Boom goes Ayo’s head. BOOM goes the Institute. Nate is better at actions that words.

Summarize your character’s backstory with no more than three sentences. Waking up in the radioactive wasteland is the best thing that ever happened to Nate. If only the past hadn’t come along, in his head, and lurking out there.

Describe your character using a song title. Voodoo Child. Which is also his favorite song and artist.

Are there any story arcs you would like this character to explore? I would love Nate to travel more. The Fallout world doesn’t lend itself too well for long-distance travel, but I would like to have Nate in new cultures and countries to explore. He’d have a great time as a fish-out-of-water.

What would your character like (or have liked) to do with their life? Ick. Nate would say ‘nothing’ a little too quickly. The world before the bombs was hell, he was too busy surviving. But that’s a lie, because Nate had dreams, back then, but he doesn’t want to tell anyone he’d once wanted to work for CIT. Currently, Nate is happy to go on as he is, maybe get involved in some bigger technological projects around the commonwealth- like maybe setting up teleportation relays in each settlement to improve trade.

Who is your character’s best friend? Nick Valentine, although Piper Wright comes close.

Who is your character’s worst enemy? Nate tends not to have enemies, they suffer from a strange condition where their heads end up several meters away from their bodies. The one who’d lasted longest was Shaun, and honestly I think being shot in the head would have been kinder.

Who has, for better or worse, had the most impact on your character’s life? Amusingly enough, probably Dogmeat, without him Nate would probably have ended up eaten by molerats within the first day. More seriously, Nick.

What is the most badass thing this character has done? Spent an entire night on a rooftop sniping at a legendary sentry bot. He accidentally activated it while clearing a bunch of ferals out of some ruins for a local settlement. Seeing as he didn’t think coming back telling them “Good news! You no longer have a feral problem! Bad news, you have a sentry bot problem!” would go down well, he stuck it out all night, dodging missiles and hacking away at the thing’s health for the best part of eight hours until it finally detonated (possibly out of frustration) and Nate quietly passed out in an air vent.

What crime is this character most likely to be convicted of? He’s already been arrested for being hella gay, but otherwise, probably shooting someone, or semi-public sex.

What meme would you use to describe the character? I don’t think it’s a meme, but I think Nate would really like the Picard song.

Does this character swear frequently? He was in the army, doesn’t remember most of it, but the swearing stuck. He gets very inventive sometimes- “I will eat your fucking face you degenerate, fascist piece of- the last words he said to Shaun before Nick dragged him out and firmly closed the door because this place is going up in flames in twenty minutes Nate focus.

What is this character’s relationship with religion or the church? God is dead. There was a god, before the war, and he died. Maybe he’s buried with the other old god under Dunwich borers. Either way he’s not around any more. There is a new god now, Atom. He’s a vast improvement.

Would this character ever make a deal with a devil or dark spirit? No. He might seem to go along with it for a while, but the demon is going to end up sans head in short order.

Emotion or Logic? Emotion.

Soup or Salad? Soup. Nate never really thought about it, but soup would be a good way of getting food. He’s better with liquids. Hmm…

Is your character currently in love? Is there anyone in love with your character? Yes :) Nate and Nick are very happy together.

Do you ship your character with any other characters? (This includes characters from other universes and canons) Not really. 

How would this character seduce a lover? “Oh, I like you.” Coupled with a brilliant smile. The poor person then gets deluged with presents, flowers, and endless compliments. Nick still isn’t entirely sure what hit him.

If your character could play any part in a drama, stage production, or musical, what part would they play? Nate wouldn’t be the one to come up with the idea, but he will happily volunteer to join in. He would definitely enjoy playing any glamorous fatale type characters.

What is your character’s favorite album? Electric Ladyland by Jimi Hendrix. He would give so much to find a holotape of it one day.

What does this character mean to you? Nate is a really upbeat, determined person who’s currently seeing me through some rough times. He’s making the last six months of my shitty contract worthwhile.

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