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Apparently, back in 1946 when bolshing around Europe, Ho Chi Minh (Vietnamese Lenin) met Ben-Gurion (Israeli George Washington) and asked if he wanted to set up a Jewish state in Vietnam. Ben-Gurion said no thank you, he was still holding out for Palestine.

But imagine….

What if he’d said yes?

Fuck Nazis and Confederates, there’s an alternate history I’d like to see. 

It even makes a kinda bit of sense. If Ben-Gurion had thought there was no chance of outsing British in Palestine, maybe taking on the French (who’d had the stuffing kicked out of them in WW2) might have been more realistic. Maybe the Jews of Europe (most of whom were still sitting in what had been old concentration camps, waiting for something to happen) might have decided going to a country; where the local population thought antisemitism was a kind of nasty cold, sounded rather tempting.

But then what?

Would there have been like, some wild Viet-Jew united army against the French? Would the Jewish population have been okay with Vietnam being redder than the planet Mars? What the hell would China have thought? Would America have invaded? Would antisemitism be more common in the west, due to its association with communism?

Forget HBO

Aug. 2nd, 2017 03:27 pm
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The real new Alternate History show is Black America. After the Civil War, black Americans receive reparations for slavery and create their own nation. 

It’s been in production for a while, and is not a reaction to Confederate, but it’s good to know there are actually fun AH shows out there.

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