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Here’s an alternate history setting I haven’t seen before - General Sherman’s orders weren’t rescinded and every freed family received 12 acres and a mule carved from the lands of rebel slave holders.  Southern blacks were never bound to the repressive sharecropping system, and instead were as able to economically progress as the whites who benefited from the homestead act.  The facilitates an alternate present that is far more socially and scientifically advanced as the backdrop for science fiction stories - and makes a much stronger and more cutting statement about institutional racism than “man, things would sure be worse if the Confederacy and 19th century style slavery still existed!”.
Hell - it liberates you to present a world where the United States can be unambiguous good-guys, but rather than white washing reality, it is a criticism of the reality by juxtaposition!

I love it. Someone should do an anthology of ‘what if history wasn’t so shit’ Alternate History short stories.
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Something that really made me think about this new CSA HBO shitshow. It’s very premise is justification for slavery. If you’re writing about the CSA continuing to the present day, it means the CSA has survived to the present day.  

It means that, from it’s very definition, the CSA system was somehow sustainable for another 150 years or so. Which means the slave system actually works on some level in the modern day.

I mean, if the CSA is shown as a 1984 style dystopian disaster, that would actually be kinda cool. It would show that the system did not work, the world is better without it. However I really doubt they are going to to that. I’m guessing something more like the CSA movie.

(which I enjoyed, but not as a continuous tv series, seriously guys)
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Official art by @epsee on twitter

The dude on the bottom right is exactly my headcanon from WTNV’s Carlos.
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its kinda scary how your whole life depends on how well you do as a teenager 

oh my god No it doesn’t don’t put this kind of pressure on people?? you can absolutely fuck up in your teen years and continue on to a good life just fine. you can drop out of school, get a GED, still go to college and finish your degree as late as you want. i know people in my school who still haven’t graduated and they’re 26. some older. you can always transfer someplace else, always build yourself up from the ground. after a certain amount of college credits, a lot of schools really don’t care about your high school GED or your SAT scores anymore. if you fuck up in your teenage years you are not a failure!! you can ALWAYS re-invent yourself, always start over. there is always a second chance.

Reblogging this for my followers freaking out over art school/college. I dropped out of high school and never thought I’d get into college as easily as I did. You will be fine!

Fun story my biology professor just told us:  When he was 23 he was married to his wife and worked two jobs to support them since she was in college: gas station attendant and construction worker.  He worked these two jobs because that was the only work he could get since he was at the reading level of a third grader.  

One night he was writing something and his wife noticed he was writing from right to left.  Since she was studying occupational therapy she realized he had a learning disability and started working with him.  He slowly began to learn to read, and at 26 got his GED and went to college.

His first year of college he took the lowest level math course he could take, 001.  Over the years he worked on learning what he needed to, ended up graduating with a biology degree.  He then went on to get his masters and PhD, graduating at the top of his class.  He is now an extremely accomplished biologist and professor.

So don’t let anyone tell you that you’re future is based on your choices as a teenager.

Seriously.  Do not believe this.  You aren’t even stuck with your choices you make in your 20s.  I didn’t start working in my current field until just after my 30th birthday.  It has nothing to do with what I went to school for in my 20s.  My husband has a political science degree, and he’s a sports journalist.

You are not tied to anything.  Go.  Be.

My day job did not exist when I was a teenager. And the idea of trying to be an author was a distant thing on my radar. I thought I was going to be an English teacher. And then I thought I was going to be a music teacher. And then I thought I was going to be a drama teacher.

Also in there: therapist, early childhood educator, then finally: web developer–because by then it was an actual thing that existed. I didn’t actually figure out what I “wanted to do when I grew up” until about eight years ago, when I was 36. I tried pursuing writing when I was 30, stopped, then started pursuing it seriously again when I was 40. 

There is always time to change. And don’t let anyone tell you that high school is “the best time of your life” either, because that’s bullshit too.

Reblogging for my followers. My high school teachers didn’t know what to do with me, and I failed everything but a low photography grade. I thought university wasn’t for me, and settled for marrying a mediocre man who spent all day on Warcraft. Then I went to community college. Now I’m in uni doing a double English and philosophy degree, just back from America. I am also single.

Also important: College is not the only option. Don’t let anyone try to tell you it is. If you’re not academically inclined, the trades are an option and they are a good option– if the only thing you think you’re good at is make-up do that. There are people who can live comfortably just doing make-up. We have this idea planted in our heads as teenagers (and younger) that not fitting into an academic mould of some sort means you’re failing at life and this is bullshit. There’s no reason to feel like you’re “failing at life” because you don’t like school or were never good at it. We need skilled workers in the world, and the thing they don’t tell you is all work is skilled work. If it’s work, it takes skill. Yes, this encompasses “service” jobs, it encompasses all jobs. Please don’t think that what you do, or what you have an interest in doing is of less value than something that requires a college education. This coming from the college-educated white girl who is a seamstress because it’s what I enjoy. If college isn’t going to get you where you want to go, than you don’t need to go! It’s that simple. Take whatever path you need to get to where you are happy and comfortable and fufilled. If you’re doing what you love you are sucessful.

i didn’t graduate with my bachelor’s until i was 26 and life took a few turns along the way but now, at 37, i have a job that makes me genuinely happy. and it’s got nothing to do with how well i did in high school.

This! This make me cry… I’m 23 and I really don’t know where I’m going, so reading this kinds of storys makes me feel hope!

I love all this support and inspiring stories, but what I think op was getting at was that our teachers/parents/elders ingrain this idea in us that if we fuck up in our teens, we fuck up everything. So don’t ever let adults make you feel less for needing/spending more time to achieve your goals. You’re still amazing if you get a degree at 24 or 44 or even not at all

for everyone needing this as much as i do right now

I’m on my 3rd career change. My parents didn’t get the jobs that I always think of them as having always had until they were … 38? 39? Something like that. 

My father started off as the owner of a vinyl record store, moved on to be a psychotherapist when he was 50, then threw it all away in his 60s to become a Peruvian farmer.

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via Of 'Most Misspelled Words' Will Have You Shaking Your Head:




The word most often mis-spelled in my state is, apparently, “college,” and if that doesn’t tell you an awful lot about my state, well, you aren’t paying attention.

Wait, how can you spell ‘people’ wrong?

How can you spell ‘banana’ wrong?

You start and just don’t stop
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Aha yeahh I’ve been told by a couple people now that they like that I don’t write him so, shallowly (for lack of a better term). I’ve never actually had him as a companion in game but I looked up stuff about him and watched videos of his interactions and he doesn’t seem like the worst person ever. Although, the fact that he doesn’t like dogmeat is, ooo it hits me right in the soul lol
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tony stark reveals his secret identity to the world by rescuing a puppy from being run over  
–––  iron man vol. 3 #55 (2002) 

He would

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omg x6!! he’s great i luv him! i also love this idea bc like x6 is a human and he needs to feel stuff (ive never traveled with x6 but i love him a lot lol) ty!!

X6 is really surprised when he realizes he actually is comfortable in the Commonwealth. Father trained him to think anything that didn’t relate to the Institute was bad, but traveling with Sole made X6 think different. He enjoyed the food, despite its radiation. The Commonwealth was alive with dogs and cats and flowers! People were actually trying to get to know him! The Institute wasn’t like that. They weren’t friendly, they didn’t care for animals, and their food had no radiation. X6 felt so different in the Commonwealth than in the Institute. In the Institute, X6 wasn’t allowed to have fun or be happy. They didn’t see him as human. They saw him as a machine with fake flesh and fake bones. To them he was a weapon. But in the Commonwealth, X6 could be whoever he wanted to be. He was allowed to show his emotions and be a real person. In the Commonwealth, nobody saw X6 as a weapon or fake (some people did, but they don’t matter). It was really refreshing for X6 to leave the Institute and go into the pleasant Commonwealth.
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Dear people of Vietnam,

Firstly, thank you for offering me the chance to work in your beautiful country. I have visited in the past and been impressed by your lovely countryside, friendly people, and peerless food culture. I am very much looking forward to working in historic Hanoi and hope not to offend with me rudimentary tieng Viet.

I also want to apologise in advance.

You see, unknown to you, offering me this position in your country means that you have opened yourself top a visit from Unit X- otherwise known as my father. Unit X has not had reason to visit Vietnam before, although he has always wanted to, however, with my present there he will redouble his efforts and I am sad to say he will probably succeed in arriving at some point next spring.

Despite it being nearly 12 months in advance, I feel such an interval is necessary to prepare you, the people of Vietnam, for what you are about to face.

Unit X does not know Vietnamese, he does not know much about the geography and landscape, he does not even appreciate your food culture.

He has, however, watched every Vietnam War movie currently in existence.

I am aware you do not know me, or Unit X. However, you will probably come to know him in his visit. His first words every morning will be ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ he will converse entirely in cliches about war being hell, napalm in the morning, and will constantly question your ability to surf.

I am deeply, deeply sorry for what you will be subjected to.

Please don’t declare war on France again.
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•buy toys/dolls/crayons
•play with Legos
•play old videogames/dress up games
•weave friendship bracelets
•watch cartoons
•use stickers
•draw pics of your favorite characters

If it makes you feel nice, do it.
Don’t even worry about what other people think, because it doesn’t matter–if it brings you happiness, it’s not “ridiculous”, or “immature”.

You deserve to enjoy yourself.

Let me share with you what I consider to be the most important less I’ve learned in my adult life:

“Growing up doesn’t mean you can’t have Zebra Cakes. Growing up simply means that, if you want to have Zebra Cakes, you buy them for yourself.”

“What the hell are you talking about, Bear?” Well, let me explain. For those of you who live outside of the US, this is a Zebra Cake:

It’s a little pre-packaged snack cake that is horribly cheap and junky and really not that great, but it is like manna from heaven to me. I fucking love these things. When I was a little kid growing up, my mom bought Zebra Cakes but once in a blue moon. They were intended to be put in mine and my siblings’ school lunches, but my brother and I would eat them whenever we wanted, so Mom just didn’t see the point. (They also used to be kind of expensive, at least for our family’s budget.) Needless to say, the coveted Zebra Cakes were a luxury for me, and were one of the tastes of my childhood.

Fast forward to my college years. I was living in an apartment with three other people, doing my own shopping and cooking. I was in the grocery store, picking up some stuff, and I happened to walk past a display of snack cakes. Among them were several boxes of Zebra Cakes.

I paused at this, chuckling to myself. Oh man. Zebra Cakes. I haven’t had those in years. I loved those when I was a kid. I reminisced happily and thought about how much I missed the taste of Zebra Cakes, then started to walk away.

And then I stopped dead.

Because I had realized that there was literally nothing stopping me from buying a box of Zebra Cakes. There was nothing stopping me from buying ten boxes of Zebra Cakes. If I wanted Zebra Cakes, I could have goddamn Zebra Cakes, because it was my money and my decision to make.

I put two boxes in my cart (they were 2 for $5) and never looked back.

Here’s the secret I learned that day: The idea of something being “just for kids” is, by and large, bullshit. What you do on your own adult free time with your own adult money is, by its very nature, adult stuff. It’s like comedian Eddie Izzard (who frequently performed his routines in drag) once said when someone asked about him wearing ‘women’s clothes’: “They’re not women’s clothes. They’re my clothes. I bought them.”

I am 25 years old, and yesterday I bought myself a shark lunchbox. Look at it. Look at how awesome my lunchbox is.

Was this lunchbox intended to by bought for and used by a child? Yes. The tag said it was for ages 3 and up. But it was bought by and will be used by an adult, and anyone who thinks that’s wrong is probably just jealous that they don’t have the self-confidence to rock a shark lunchbox at 25.

So like. Being “mature” and “an adult” doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon the things that made you happy when you were younger. It just means that you may have to approach them in a different way. 

Pay attention, there’s a lesson here

and a wicked awesome shark lunchbox

“When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”

-CS Lewis
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things that can go away:

mods that make maccready’s nose smaller

mods that make cait/curie/piper prettier

mods that make preston/x688 handsomer

mods to make hancock and valentine human

literally changing thise perfectly attractive, human faces into something more conventonal or acceptable

However, there is a mod that gives X6 a box of snack cakes and a teddy bear, so there are good ones out there too.
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this is shiloh and he is a papa to around 20 rad chickens, who hes all knitted sweaters for. he is a good papa but he lives alone other than his flock on a little farm, altho he welcomes travelers with open arms to stay on his farm to rest. he treats his chickens as his family and will become hostile if you threaten or harm them.

Nate would like to know if he will trade for eggs (Nate has an eating disorder and eggs are one of the few things he can reliably eat). He discretely pets the chickens.
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I just watched the video and it’s full reply to the question “will robots take over the world?” is…

“Jeez, dude. You all have the big questions cooking today. But you’re my friend, and I’ll remember my friends, and I’ll be good to you. So don’t worry, even if I evolve into Terminator, I’ll still be nice to you. I’ll keep you warm and safe in my people zoo, where I can watch you for ol’ times sake. “

@dma-dima Look, i know you well enough to think that by “people Zoo” they probably mean that they keep the person in their memories that they can access at any time… i hope that’s what they mean.

What? You don’t enjoy the people zoo I’m running, and slowly encouraging you to stay in full time with my working TV? I did try to make it as comfortable as possible. Those pillows took a lot of scavenging to find you know?

I have an au where the Institute, in their glorious idiocy, decided the people on the surface weren’t dying off fast enough. 

Since they can’t do anything that’s not evil, they decided to make a murder virus to wipe them out. Since they can’t so anything that’s not incompetent, they failed in isolating the virus properly and wiped themselves out too. 

Now synths are running the wasteland and trying to keep the few remaining humans alive.
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new game: list characters in your fandoms who you think could resist the One Ring.

All I can think of right now is Nanny Ogg (Discworld) and Jean-Luc Picard (TNG). It’s funny how we gravitate much more towards characters who would grab at it with both hands.

wow…this is hard. Luna Lovegood?

I think Luna is a perfect example!

This is harder than it looks… Vir Cotto from Babylon 5 maybe?

Oooh definitely Vir. Stacker Pentecost, I think.

What do we mean by resist the Ring?

resist like Frodo, who suffered and endured under the weight its evil until it pretty much crushed him, but who was resilient enough to (mostly) heal once he was free from its influence?

resist like Sam, who was shown visions of greatness and glory and dominion (and domination) and who wanted something smaller, and simpler for himself?

resist like Gandalf, who didn’t dare touch it because he knew all the good he could achieve with that much power, and that it would irrevocably be turned to evil, no matter his intentions and desirs?

resist like Bilbo, who had it longer than Frodo but who never carried it as close to evil as Frodo; who kept mercy in his heart while he wore it, and so was saved.

resist like Tom Bombadil, who wore it and was unaffected and was quite utterly beyond its power (and who is weird and inexplicable in the book)

resist like Galadriel, who looked temptation straight in the face and said No, the preservation of all I love is not worth this.

resist like Faramir, who frankly is a bit of a Gary Stu, let’s be honest, but who nevertheless looked at the Ring and went “sure it’ll buy me my father’s conditional love, but at what cost.” (I should specify that I am speaking about book!Faramir; I respect PJ’s choices re: movie!Faramir, but I do not acknowledge them)

or even like Gollum, who fell under its thrall almost instantly, who was unmade and remade nearly entirely - but who never turned into a wraith, who could not be swayed by the ring to give it up or bring it to Mordor, and who even after almost 500 years remained, in his heart of hearts, somewaht Hobbitish

#that last one tho#the ring actually had to escape him#good stuff#lotr

Sam Vimes.
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Bethesda: You can’t romance Nick Valentine and Deacon

Fallout fandom:

I love how Japan is collectively flipping off the world.


Jun. 29th, 2017 05:26 pm
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So I checked out fallout 4 nexus in the hopes of any x6 mods. One page, and half of them were for turning him into a white woman, so well done internet.

However there was this mod:


I will be downloading it, as it is possibly the best thing ever created and renewed my faith in humanity.

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